Get Fennel to Parklife 2k17

Get Fennel to Parklife 2k17

Getting Luke Fernley to Parklife

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Dear friend we haven't met yet,

Our mate Luke Fernley, aka Fennel, is a University of Southampton  physics student and the definition of a BNOC. He's always loved playing football, playing the piano, and is really into his music. This year he had high hopes of going to Parklife and maybe Boomtown, but recently he's fallen on hard times. The student loan hasn't exactly stretched far enough and he's now in his overdraft at the end of term. So his two friends (that's us, Fran and Talin, the girls in the first photo) have decided to try our very best to bring some light into his life and send him on a mad one.

Please donate, this is a genuine cause (we're not bullshitters, we swear), and boost this saddo's summer with a bit of festival fun.

Thanks for reading.