Get Dotskie to Gok Wan's Roadshow!

by Dotskie Clothing in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Get Dotskie to Gok Wan's Roadshow!
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Our aim is to promote the mental health and well-being needs of women across the UK.

by Dotskie Clothing in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom


Thank you for taking the time to have a read of my proposal here on Crowd Funder. As previously mentioned Dotskie is a new fashion brand bringing glitzy and glamorous frocks into the hands of women young and old across the UK. We aim to stock sizes 6 - 16 and a curvy range at a later date. 

We are located in the North East, the majority of our sales will come from online buyers but we are also introducing  the ‘Prepare to dazzle’ parties which will be home based for adults and young people; our target audience is females aged 18+. Prepare to Dazzle parties will combine a range of dresses to choose from on the night, hair, make-up and fizz all in your own living room!


In addition to this we are working with mental health charities who will get 10% of each dress sale. Dresses range from £20-£40 so a charitable donation of at least £2.00 per garment would go into a pot towards helping a mental health charity based in the UK.

Dotskie is not just about fashion, it’s about emotional well-being, self esteem, confidence and getting back up in the saddle after an ‘episode’ of depression, anxiety or another mental health condition. We have a deeper meaning and we have a passion to drive for the recognition of mental health and to diminish that stigma once and for all.

This is why we have chosen to work closely with mental health charities to enable us to give something back each month to a wonderful cause. 

Dotskie will not only be about fashion but will be a port of call for anyone seeking help and guidance. We will help to put individuals in touch with mental health organisations and all of the details will be provided on our website. 

In addition to that, the introduction of our branded well-being boxes will also be next on the cards. The boxes- which will be available to order online- will include small every day products delivered to your door to help you ‘cope’ with an ‘episode’ of MH. Again ten percent of the profits from the boxes will go directly to our charitable partners and we will continue to keep our followers and customers in the loop on where their money has made a difference. 

Of course right now these ideas are just becoming a reality and we are super excited to bring glitz, glamour and a sprinkling of ‘girl power’ to our amazing fans and customers all whilst supporting exceptional charities who do endless amounts of background work every single day. 


So as Dotskie was compiling ideas together and getting the branding completed - we had one of the most surprising, life changing phone calls we could have ever asked for; and this was a producer from Gok Wan's One Size Fits All fashion roadshow - asking if we would like to take part in the show in Kilmarnock, Scotland! 


To say we were excited is an understatement, we were over-whelmed, thinking that this could bring so much publicity for mental health charities across the UK. 

We couldn't stop smiling - WE ARE SUPER EXCITED - all of the positive things the future could hold if only we could get to obtain this amazing opportunity:

- Our chosen fancy frocks not only selling online, in the North East but getting our brand known in Scotland and across the UK too!

- To be featured on Gok Wan's website with a chance to publish what we are about, what our aims and values are and getting the point across that we are not just 'another clothing boutique'.

- The potential funds we can raise for local and national mental health charities across the UK could be astonishing!

-Eventually supporting a cause that is close to our hearts and not just having to ask people at the office for a donation in the most awkward way imaginable!


However, the only down fall is that there is a fee involved in this event (£900) but we are not going to let this hold us back from creating an amazing online community for everyone.  We have great plans, followed by great charities and and an amazing future to look forward to. 

Fast forward one whole week (which seems like a lifetime) and here we are. Not realising that Dotskie would become so popular so quickly, as a small business yet to launch (we launch in November eek) we do not have enough funds to fork out for the Roadshow - but you don’t think that would stop us do you?

No, no, no, nothing stops girl power and this is why we have created this page, to ask for your support in advance in order for us to not miss this opportunity of A LIFETIME!


As you will see on the targets page we have set out prizes that we are going to offer for people who are willing to openly help us as we start out on entrepreneurial journey. From free dresses to tickets to the OSFA Roadshow in Kilmarnock! If you LOVE Gok Wan then thats the place to be!


I would also like to add that we did not and do not intend to take out any start up loans or small cash lump sums to help us with this event and our future- the reasoning behind this is because owing money to others causes nothing but stress - and this is NOT what we are about here at Dotskie.


So, I am going to take a deep breath and leave it there for the time being, have a read, have a look around and please donate if you want to see our business thrive to its full potential (which I'm sure it will). 

TIA Dotskie xx


>> If you would like to check us out and see what our brand looks like before you donate then please click the link below (it is still a work In progress but you get the idea!)

If you would like more information about the roadshow - 'Gok Wan - One Size Fits All'  then please click the link below- (there are still tickets left at a couple of venues including Bristol and Nottingham, Dotskie will be showcasing at the Kilmarnock, Ayrshire event).


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

1 FREE Dotskie dress code!

Any one who is kind enough to donate £100 or more will be emailed with 1 Free Dotskie dress coupon. Your coupon will not expire for 12 months. You can use it to purchase one of our beautiful glitzy and glamorous frocks for yourself, in addition a friend or family member can also use the coupon.

£200 or more

2 FREE Dotskie dress codes!

Any one who is kind enough to donate £200 or more will be emailed with 2 Free Dotskie dress coupons. Your coupons will not expire for 12 months and you can use them to purchase something beautiful for yourself. A friend or family member can also use it.

£300 or more

0 of 2 claimed


For the individual who is generous enough to donate £300 or more, you will receive 2 FREE Gok Wan tickets for the event in Kilmarnock where our Dotskie brand will be showcased on the cat walk. The date for this event is 11.11.18 at The Park Hotel. If more than one individual is kind enough to donate over £300 you will both be entered into a prize draw and I will reveal the winner live on Facebook!

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