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To end this long term divorce battle and finally able to gain some stability. This divorce like many others is destroying my soul.

by Ben Johnson in Eakring, England, United Kingdom

Ladies and Gentleman 

We all know someone who has got divorced are I am sorry to say that some of you reading this may be divorced yourselves. In both cases we all know how expensive and distressing a marriage breakdown can be but here is my story 

My Ex Wife to be and I were married in Scotland in 2015 and after several happy years living together, however the storm clouds were brewing on the horizon, like most people one tends to ignore the warning signs until it is too late. This is no place to sling mud or lay blamer nor mention a three way marriage with her cat or a failed suicide attempt in 2016 we moved to Nottinghamshire England were we lived rent free etc with my family to this would help us financially and help me build my own health and safety consultancy. The storms were getting closer at this point in the marriage my soon to be ex wife was quoted in saying "i would rather go into work with out pay rather than spend time with you" which she did regularly I knew at this point things were starting to break apart so I did what every logical person would do try to find the systemic problem rather than fix the symptoms. So i suggested counselling with i started but then my ex wife to be refused to go. By this point i the narrative I was lost in a sea of disappear and depression no where to turn and no one could help me not my friends or my family. I had tried everything i could afford including taking out credit cards to ensure she had her bills paid and gifts for christmas

But then i ran out of steam and  i could not get up but after yet another domestic bullying session i walked out of the door and i have never spoken to her again it was a little better from here on out having no money to afford expensive solicitors and my income not being bad enough warrant legal aid or benefits i was stuck in catch 22. 

So i became my own solicitor, it took me over two years to get this far i have managed to navigate the legal world of divorces and i am tripped not he final hurdle I have done all the paper work scrapped and paid for all the fees and applications but there is one ;last hurdle to jump and i am not able to do it alone. I have paid out hundred and hundred of pounds to get this far. 

If you don't know about divorces the last checkpoint is a decree absolute now I can have this completed now however if i were to be financially successful in the future my ex wife would have rights to claim money from me no matter how far in the future which i am sure she would if she could. To stop her doing this i need something called a financial order this is a legal order that stop me claiming anything from her and vice versa in the future it means i am totally free. After talking to solicitor it appears this will cost between £2000-3000 pounds to complete this is a huge sum. Normally one would just work a bit harder and pay the bill however here is why i need your help...

During the whole divorce process i tried to put my life back together piece by piece. I built a business doing health and safety consultancy and things were starting to look better a sunrise on the horizon but wait when you are down life likes to kick you in the gentleman plums... last year Thanks to school spending cuts we lost all of our contracts and our business collapsed. I did what anyone would do I picked myself up dusted myself down and started to build again this time it was in Germany I had found a wonderful woman and we moved in together. I am currently at school completing the German integration course and I hope you can keep a secret but we are expecting our first child together so things were really looking up... but wait her comes the big boot of life ready to kick you in the nuts... Brexit.... wether you are for it or against it i don't care. No here is the crux of our problem. My ex wife to be and her lack of helpfulness and actively trying to delay the divorce and the Brexit problems are causing me serious distress and distress to the mother of my unborn child. Now if i was free to marry the mother of my child i would be eligible for health insurance, have no problems with Brexit no matter which way it goes and I would be able to get a job easier in a few weeks when I finish school 

So in summary my ex wife to be is holding me over a barrel and refuses to cooperate hoping the Brexit may mean i have to return to England leaving my family. until then i am unable to get heath insurance so if i am injured or become seriously ill before my ex wife decides to be a human being i could end up in a big pile of poo. This is why asking for crowd funding to pay a solicitor to help me over the very last hurdle is my only option. We are playing for time and its just running out. Please help and thank you for every little donation