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by M.andre in Watford

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Man who built incredible Hobbit home told he must leave house in the woods! Let's HELP! Featured in The Sun , The Mirror,Express, Daily Mail

by M.andre in Watford

 thank you everyone who has donated and who is going to donate, were truly greatful.

Daniel Pike, A Spiritual humble Vegan who has spent FIVE years building his own remote cosy house in the forest hut has been ordered to leave his Eco home with Growing Garden and fresh water stream!

 Check out our video , thanks to the team at , we have a 3 minute short explaining daniels

situation showing his home and sorroundings. 

Vice magazine and online did an artical and an interview with daniel which you can read in detail below at Vice magazine.!v/733707/ 

"A page made by my good friend Marcos to help support the situation I am facing right now. Please support this cause, All support will be used to back the freedom of us all in this movement. I'm living out there by choice, by force, and I'm only making a statement and putting my foot in the door to say, "no more, you are not going to shut the door, to shut anymore freedoms down, enough is enough" and by doing what I'm doing now, I'm making that point and movement. Please support it for your freedom and future evolvement of humanity too!"


Daniel  created his hobbit-style house entirely from clay and other foraged materials found in Merry Hill forest, a woodland area on the outskirts of London.

Daniel said , "The Donated money will be pushed along the route of developing this Movement of Freedom in all directions, to help combat and remove the core corruption within the system and governments, to change things so that all can live in Freedom together in all facets of daily life, and for the exponential evolvement of Humanity for future generations to come. This Movement is for you all, please help yourself, help Humanity!

 We will be using ALL money involved to do the following: 

     +Fight the case if it goes to court , which the liklyhood of this happeninig is substancially high and get a good lawyer/solociter. 

     + Help to House Daniel and start an LEGAL Eco project where we can let daniel build his vision of a self sustaibable home in peace where there are Vegtable Gardens, Natural  Spring Water , Fruit trees , Compost Toilets. The dream is to be all natural and non reliant on anyone especially the terrible goernment the UK is forced to put up with at the moment.  

     +Promote the story and get word out for Daniel's case. 

The government unfortunatley see people like Daniel and assume they are in need of medical help , and then you are in the system and never ever get out. Please help us, we appreciate any help given!


 As you can see, this isn't just some horrible mud hut. Alot of blood , sweat and heart went into this project which boasts windows , growing garden for crops. Its very peaceful.  

 The story has been featured in the Mirror, The Express, The Daily Mail , The sun , LBC online and is soon to be braodcasted to a global audience! Please share the story and get some momentum on the case! Its the human heart!  


 Daniel has built his own Water filter system from the water stream that runs through where daniel has built his cosy home.  

He's our friend and were trying to raise enough money for him once he is left homeless. 

We have already got a small pot going and help out with the basics most take for granded , but with a wide audience we can really make a difference, so please share this story and page.  

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 Thank you for your support!




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