Let's Get Dando A New Laptop!

by Rebecca Grant in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Let's Get Dando A New Laptop!


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If you are a member of the UK LARP or cosplay community, there's a strong chance that you've seen, worn, wielded or been hit by one of Dando...

by Rebecca Grant in Norwich, England, United Kingdom


If you are a member of the UK LARP or cosplay community, there's a strong chance that you've seen, worn, wielded or been hit by one of Dando's many fantastic creations.

Danielle 'Dando' Starkey of Starkey Studios has been a staple figure in the community for a number of years, and has given us so much during that time. She has supplied costume, kit and weaponry to some of the largest UK LARPs and been a present figure in the cosplay world.

 Isabella CosplayFlareon CosplayKing the Mobility Scoot--Boat. Mobility boat.

From the cosy confides of her garage she offers high quality items at a fantastic price. Dando pushes the boundaries for creation, including making some of the UK's first internal LED LARP-safe weaponry. She is frequently nominated for her work and was nominated for the UK LARP Awards Player Costume of the Year 2020 and even won the UK LARP Award for Creature Costume of the Year 2019.

Not only is her work outstanding, but Dando has given her all to the community. She has been an active member of the Tokonatsu Festival staff team, a core figure within Curious Pastimes, that has led her to becoming a Faction Referee, and supported so many in more ways with her kindness and tenacity. Dando steps up to the plate when a call is made, from in character set dressing, tents, loaning her own kit and more without hesitation. 


Now she needs our help.

Dando is in need of a replacement laptop after her previous one went kaput! As anyone can imagine, being self-employed is near impossible without a good laptop - let alone one in the creative industry. She is currently working entirely on mobile, and that simply isn't a sustainable option, especially when we're dealing with a global pandemic.

Intertwining Steppe Mandala Shields

We are seeking donations to try and buy a refurbished Macbook Pro (2013-2015) with the budget of £500, based on costs by Laptops Direct. This piece of tech will allow Dando to easily communicate with her customers, produce sales information, marketing and advertising and design work for her clients. 

In the event that we may go over target any extra funds would be used to try and obtain a higher quality laptop. 


If you are new to Dando's work, a good friend or an occasional customer, please consider a donation to help support this cause - no matter how big or small, every penny helps.

Dando has given us so much over the years, and now it's our time to pay her back in kind. 

               Polyurethane Armour and Foam HornsDeer Beastkin Mask

We're also looking at making some free little Starkey Studios keepsakes for donators. Keep a look out for more info on that!


A new laptop will help Dando create even more amazing work. Check out some of her LARP and cosplay pieces below!

Creature Costume of the Year 2019Twin Japanese Inspired AxesDwarven Axe

Shosuro Makoto of Jade Throne LARPShield and ScimitarLight up LED Bone Hammer

Stone Satyr Monster SuitsAntler Handled Dragon DaggersMaori Inspired Club

Naginata SpearLatex Ogre Mask and WigJapanese Inspired Hakama

1598365020_cat.png1598365010_paul.pngLatex Horns and Leather Scale Helm

Latex Ogre Masks and Kimonos

Let's make 'Let's Get Dando A New Laptop!' happen

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