Get Charlotte through the BPTC

Get Charlotte through the BPTC

Charlotte- on the BPTC to become a barrister. First from family to go to university. Not from financial means. Asking for donations for fees

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I am Charlotte and I am on the BPTC currently studying to become a barrister. 

I already have an LLB degree in Law and however cheesy it sounds law is what I have always seen myself pursuing as a career. 

It hasn't come without its struggles but this isn't the Xfactor and I'm not about to embark on a sob story, my parents have struggled helping me for years but this is because of how very proud they are that I am the first person from our entire family to ever get a degree of any kind, actually I was the first to even obtain A-levels.

The reason for this page is because I am not from a background of strong financial means and have really struggled on my course since student loans are not avalible and. It only do you have to get through school by way of paying for the course, you also have to live too! 

I took out a loan for the course with high interest rates too,  as soon as I finish I have to start paying it back which is really putting pressure on to find employment right away when what I really want to do is focus on the dream of actually obtaining pupilage. I can't move back home to save money to do this either as my parents have been relocated to the other side of the world. 

I did work at the start of the course but as anyone will know that has studied the BPTC or the BVC as it was formerly known the work load is so super intense you need your free time to study. Especially as because of the cost of the course I cannot afford to fail or even take any resits. So I had to give up my job. 

I am looking for donations to help paying back my loan for the course and to go towards my rent during the course and when my course finishes and the struggle for pupilage begins I live in Bristol currently and want to practice in the South West of possible so am keen to stay living here to keep up my pro-bono work. I work for the police voluntarily and for the family law court. 

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