Get Better Bonnie

by imogensolly in Reading

Get Better Bonnie
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Bonnie the boxer is very ill and needs help to pay for veterinary bills as soon as possible.

by imogensolly in Reading

 Dexter the goldendoodle met Bonnie the Boxer when he was a puppy. Since then they've enjoyed three years on walks together and I've enjoyed the company of her owner Paul. We talk about anything and everything. We all have friends that we meet in the park that we see regularly and although we may not see them in other areas of our lives, they enrich our lives and bring something that friends at work etc don't. Paul is Bonnie's fifth owner and despite having very little, they have given each other the love they both need over the years. I know Paul doesn't have a lot of money and relys on benefits however, it's is not enough to pay for insurance for an older dog as well as everything else. He doesn't ask for anything more as; Bonnie, a roof over his head and food on his plate is all he desires. Recently, on a walk Paul told me that Bonnie wasn't well. I encouraged him to go to the vets and drove them to Dexter's vet who matches the prices of all the vets in the area. The bill for bloods and antibiotics came to £250, and Paul paid for it with all the money he had. Bonnie will need to go back to the vets on Thursday and most likely need an operation costing in excess of £600. Paul is looking into seeing if he can get support from charities however, he has already been declined by PDSA  as he is not registered to a vet for 3 months and Bonnie may need surgery in the next few days so it's a race against time. I know Paul doesn't have this money. I also know that he is a proud man that wouldn't ask for money. He has said that he will use his rent money to pay for it but still won't have enough. If you have a few pounds spare it could mean that he doesn't have to choose between putting down his down or paying his rent. Dexter would very much miss his walks with his good friend Bonnie. Thank you.

Please note: All remaining proceeds not used for vet fees will be donated to Doodle Trust.


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