Get Amelia to National Youth Theatre - Epic Stages

by Amelia Grimes in London, England, United Kingdom

Get Amelia to National Youth Theatre - Epic Stages


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To be apart of National Youth Theatre and experience this amazing opportunity on their Epic Stages course.

by Amelia Grimes in London, England, United Kingdom

Howdy Folks!

I’m Amelia Grimes, a Hull based actor and theatre creative. 

Acting and performing has always been a huge part of my life, and this fantastic art form has the ability to transform me into a stronger and more confident person. It is something that I truly love and makes me alive, and I believe it makes me the best possible person I can be. I will do whatever it takes to pursue this as my career, I want to be pushed and challenged as an artist. Most importantly, I will never give up or regret the career I have chosen because it allows me to always continue to discover and strive to learn. The opportunity to meet new people and make friends for life. How amazing is that!! But it makes me incredibly happy, never failing to give me the most cherishing memories and experiences. I feel so lucky to be a part of this beautiful, hard working industry.

I had the privilege of studying my degree, 'Drama and Theatre Practice', at the University of Hull, in my home city, successfully graduating in summer 2018. Stepping into the ‘adult life’ after Uni, I have been a part of the Regional Young Acting Ensemble, a training platform in association with Hull Truck Theatre, Live Theatre and Derby Theatre. Alongside this, I’m a Front of House Usher at Hull Truck Theatre, but also a freelance worker in finding acting projects and jobs for myself.

As most of you are aware, I have recently been offered a place at National Youth Theatre this summer in London on their Epic Stages course. This is really huge for me and is a massive step and boost of energy in my career path. I’ve never wanted and needed something like this so much! I’m going to do all I can to get myself there this summer but I’ve set up this funding page to seek out for your help too.


I’m asking for donations in order to help me pay towards the course fee, accommodation and living expenses whilst I’m down there. The course costs £989 and the accommodation costs £999. Although this is a little out of my budget (a lot), I can’t not take this opportunity, because in the long run it is going to be super beneficial and rewarding for my future.

Money has always seemed to be an issue or irritating stress factor for me but I don’t want this to hold me back anymore, because it has in the past. I’m from a working-class background, and my family have been the best and most supportive they can be throughout this journey of mine. I can’t lie that it hasn’t been easy, not having full security of money being available to be able to afford opportunities like this, just by a snap of the fingers. But I do believe everyone should get their chance to fulfill their dreams. 


The Epic Stages course is a 4 week intensive experience, "designed to equip the best young acting and production talent with the skills and knowledge they need to enter the industry.”

During my time at NYT I’ll have the chance to explore their unique approach to theatre making, work with industry experts and a professional director/writer to develop original work. However, I’m most looking forward to working as a team in an ensemble theatre company and meeting like-minded creatives like myself. Towards the end of the course there will be a final performance of the work shown to friends, family and an invited industry audience. (EXCITING TIMES!)

After completing the course it’s not over for me yet… I will become a Company Member of the National Youth Theatre, “gaining access to castings for NYT Productions, incredible experiences outside of the organisation such as free West End tickets, casting opportunities for film and TV, drama facilitation training, industry-led workshops, and Q&A's.” But it will also make me eligible to audition for NYT’s REP Company in the future, “offering free, practical, industry-based talent development in drama and performance over nine months to 16 NYT members.” (Wowzaa!)

I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my fundraising project, I know it’s a little long and there’s lots of information to take in but, I hope you have been interested by my story and can feel the fire and adrenaline I have inside of me.

I want to thank everyone who has been beside me throughout my journey so far, I couldn’t have done it without you all.

All I can ask from you now, from the very bottom of my heart, is to help my dream come true by generously donating anything you have to push me that step closer. Anything you give will be hugely appreciated! 

All my love,

Amelia xxx

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