Get Alfath to St James' Park!

Get Alfath to St James' Park!

Help life-long Newcastle United fan, Alfath, live his dream by travelling from Indonesia to the UK to watch a game at St. James' Park!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Alfath is a die-hard and lifelong Newcastle United fan from Indonesia, whose dream is to visit the UK and attend a game at St. James' Park. Being a huge fan myself, I spotted his tweet (see below) on the nufc Twitter forum, and upon conducting a little more research, quickly realised just how much it would mean to him to come and visit Newcastle and experience a Premier League (or possibly Championship!) game.

This would, however, be a very costly undertaking for Alfath, with flight, accomodation and living costs to account for. A conservative estimate of £1,100 for the trip converts to approximately 21 million Indonesian Rupiah - a substantial and essentially unrealistic figure for him to save.  

I hope to use the power of sport and social media to bring people together in raising this amout of money for Alfath, and to help him realise his dream. Any small donation will of course help and be hugely appreciated.