by Agata Gruszecka in London, England, United Kingdom

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Crowdfunding to study for a Masters in Real Estate at Cass Business School in London.

by Agata Gruszecka in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello and welcome to my campaign: GET AGATA TO CASS BUSINESS SCHOOL

My name is Agata and in 2018 I graduated from my undergraduate studies at University of Roehampton in London from business management and economics, and I have just received an offer from City, University of London to study my masters in Real Estate at Cass Business School starting this September. However, in order to start my university this year I need to raise £23,500 in a short space of time towards my tuition fees, so I decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign. 

About me: 

I was born in a small town in Poland, Lubin. After high school, I did a gap year and spent the entire year on studying for exams that would enable me to get into the university in London. 

At the end of the day, the hard work paid off. I got an offer from five universities to study business in London. However, getting into university turned out to be just half of the success. The other half was to make a plan how to manage financially in London on my own and organise my life there from scratch.

On the 15th May 2015 was the first flight in my life to London. It was hard to say goodbye to my family and leave everything what I had in Poland, but the study abroad experience was the best experience and investment I could make in my early twenties and had transformed my life! 

Once I got off from the plane in the UK, I realised that I am alone in a foreign country where I do not know anyone and barely anything. The long story short. It was hard to build a new life at the age of 19 in London from scratch, especially at the beginning. However, London is an extraordinary city and welcomed me so warmly! I received so much support from people who I met on my way in the UK, got my first job within a first week after arrival and thanks to that I was able to manage financially in London on my own during studies and finally graduate from my university in July 2018! 

Within three years I have learnt a lot about business, economics, myself and the world. The decision to study abroad is the best decision and investment I could make in my twenties and I recommend this experience to anyone who dreams about studies in a foreign country. It is amazing to share something what I have learnt over the years with young people interested in the similar area, therefore, I started to promote my study abroad experience to prospective students by attending educational fairs where I conducted presentations and online webinars about my student journey and life in London. I also love mentoring so I mentor twelve mentees right now in business related fields. 

During my undergraduate studies I started to be interested in real estate, especially in the topic of the role of technology in revolutionizing the real estate industry. Perceiving the real estate as a highly complementary course to my undergraduate degree, I invested a lot of hard work, determination, time and money before I decided to apply to study this course at one of the best business universities in Europe. Imagine how happy I was when last week I got an offer to study my masters in real estate at one of the best business universities in Europe, City, University of London! Cass Business School is ranked 2nd in London and top 40 globally and offers everything needed to succeed in the area of my interest. 

My plans:

After graduating from my master studies at Cass Business School, I would like to go to the United States for an 18-month programme within a real estate industry, which is called the Professional Career Training. I hope to utilize the knowledge obtained from Cass in practice, experience the American work culture and establish international contacts. After my career training, I wish to go back to Europe and co-found a proptech startup that would focus on the digital transformation and innovation within the real estate space that would make people’s life a little bit easier. 

I believe that investment in education and development is the most important value for society, so in the future I would love to set up a foundation whose goal will be to increase the opportunities of children and youth in this area. My foundation will organize educational and development programs, numerous workshops, trips and scholarships dedicated to young, ambitious people dreaming about studying and working abroad. This foundation will support children and adolescents in developing their competences and discovering their passions so that they can consciously and responsibly build their future by serving others. Your financial support will definitely help me in the implementation of my professional plans.

As I got an offer from Cass quite late and the most of the deadlines for scholarships and extra funding opportunities are currently closed. However, I believe that thanks to your financial support we can raise  £23,500 and I will start my master this September. During my studies I am going to work part-time in order to cover some of my living expenses. I have also applied for a Postgraduate Government Loan and I am going to use it towards my living costs. 

Total costs:

Tuition fees: £23,500

Estimated Living Expenses (London) 

Accomodation: approx. £650/month

£650/month * 12 months = £7,800/year 

Food: £130/month

£130/month * 12 months = £1,560/year

Transport: £90/month

£100/month * 12 months = £1,200/ year

Extra expenses: £100/month

£50/month * 12 months = £600/year 

TOTAL: £11,160

Thank you very much for your interest and please join me on this journey by sharing the link to my crowdfunding campaign and donating whatever you can. Thank you so much and stay tuned! 

Please, feel free to contact me at

Best wishes,

Agata Gruszecka


15th May 2015 

My first day in London 


24th July 2018 

Graduation - University of Roehampton 

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