Get a safe and clean environment for my family

by Kris Crawford in Girdle Toll, Scotland, United Kingdom

Get a safe and clean environment for my family


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I need money to get a deposit to get my kids out of a dangerous neighbourhood and a damp environment. My local authority won't help at all.

by Kris Crawford in Girdle Toll, Scotland, United Kingdom

I have been ill with a stomach condition for 9 years. I can't work due to illness and mental health problems. My family has been targeted by gang stalking and we have had over 60 Police call outs for neighbours around us. One person beat my partner twice in a week, with one occassion being in front of my eldest son when he was at nursery age. We have had windows smashed in, death threats. All sorts. We are a good family, having a tough time. Our local authority denies any problem as we have taken legal action, with a battle going on over the state of the property we are in for 5 years now. My Mrs works as a carer full time and can pay for a mortgage, but we have no money for saving for a deposit. We are trapped. I have two sons age 7 and 9 who have never been allowed out to play, nor have they bern able to have friends over, due to our property being riddled with penetrating damp and mould everywhere. We have lost furniture annd clothing and the property is making us all ill and stressed. If I could work and go and earn the money for a depositI would. I am writing this out of desperation. No employer would employ me with the erratic and near constant bouts of being in the bathroom for a couple of hours at a time, multiple times a day and through the night. I do my best to struggle through getting my boys to school and doing some housework where I can each day. I feel like a failure as a father because I can't do anything to make the situation better. I keep going for invasive tests and getting nowhere. So I am begging anyone who could support me getting the deposit my family needs, so that we can have a normal life, that we deserve. My mrs works so hard and does alot for others as a carer, I wish I could fix things for her. So please any amount anyone could spare would be greatly appreciated. I was also wanting to set up an online foundation eventually, so that we can encourage support for others who are struggling and deserve a break. My idea would be that if I found anyone kind enough to help that I could help someone else by telling their story and passing on good fortune to someone else via crowdfunding for them. Each time we achieve changing someones life who really deserves it, that oerson has to find a way to pass it on. So to speak. Even if you can't help financially, I am open to help or ideas of any kind that may help. Thank you so much to anyone who reads this.

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