Georgina The Lockdown Ballerina

by Lyndsey Grady Author in South Shields, England, United Kingdom

Georgina The Lockdown Ballerina


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To get Georgina The Lockdown Ballerina into print and available to all little ones who have memories of online classes during Covid-19

by Lyndsey Grady Author in South Shields, England, United Kingdom

I'm a dance teacher and due to Covid-19 and the lockdown that came with it, I had to make choices and put plans in place to take my dance school online or risk losing everything I'd built over the years.

My dance family have been amazing and their support phenomenal, I cant thank them enough.

I also have 3 children of my own and we have taken part in a variety of classes online.

I wrote Georgina The Lockdown Ballerina as a creative memory for all involved. The process of self publishing and printing the book is costly, so here I am asking you to help me.

Writing is a passion I'd almost forgot about until now, I'm pleased that something good has come from this for me.

I thoroughly believe reading can be a wonderful escape from the every day, it provides a space to dream, imagine and believe.

This book focuses on change in routine and how it can be turned into good memories, rather than remaining a turbulent time. Children are resilient but only if we help them. Georgina will help, even once the current pandemic is over, the moral behind the story will live on for years to come.

I hope you will consider backing my project.

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