George's salvation procedure

George's salvation operation

We did it!

On 11th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £780 with 37 supporters in 28 days

George is the sweetest, most popular cat in the neighbourhood. I know you must be thinking, "yeah, whatever, they're his parents so of course they're gonna say that" but trust us, or, if in doubt, just ask all our neighbours, who George visits on a regular basis (including the cafe and laundrette).

Now here comes the sad part. A few months ago, George's adventurous and fearless nature got him spectacularly run over by a BIG WHITE transit van. Being the GINGER NINJA that he is, he lived to tell the tale but, looking rather worse for wear, (us as well as him) we took him straight to the vets. They ran lots of tests but found nothing; they discharged him the next day with a slightly elevated fever and a hyper-elevated vet bill. Thankfully, we were able to claim this on insurance (we have pet insurance as we are very mature and responsible cat parents).

A few weeks ago, we noticed George was breathing heavily but put it down to his rotund shape. The heavy breathing continued so we began to think, “s**t, this might be something SERIOUS”. We took him back to the vets and lo and behold, the tests had failed to show a rupture in his diaphragm. In layman’s terms, this means that his intestines had slowly been seeping into his lung and heart "compartments" (gross, right?). Poor baby George, and to think we thought he was just a bit fat.

The vet practice quoted £3,180 for the operation and hospitalization, £907 of which we had already accrued from the tests and stuff. However, as the insurance company had already paid out for the accident, they refused to cover any of this. Thankfully, the Celia Hammond Trust agreed to operate at a fraction of the price. £508 to be exact. Yes, that’s the actual Celia Hammond. Those of you who don’t know her, see Google.

Following his operation, we were left with an overall vet bill of over £1,415 (£907 + £508). As I'm sure you've heard, Juan is a struggling artist and Kate is studying for an MA, so we're a bit strapped for cash. We've paid some of the bill and our neighbours have also been very kind, but we need some help to pay the rest. Any contribution, big or small, would be VERY much appreciated. Oh, and if we manage to raise more, we’ll donate it to Celia’s Trust, maybe in one of those giant cheques :)

Lots of love, Gilbert, George, Juan & Kate x

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