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‘Developing Sustainable Geological Tourism in the Albertine Rift' - An Initiative run by geology students from Plymouth University

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Geomission Uganda

‘Developing Sustainable Geological Tourism in the Albertine Rift’


Geomission Uganda is a new Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project initiative run by a group of geology students from Plymouth University. The aim of the project is to investigate the possibility of developing new sustainable tourism products based on the diverse geology of the Albertine Rift Valley.


The Albertine Rift Valley is part of the East African Rift, which is splitting the African continent apart. This process has created many spectacular features including volcanoes, hot springs and waterfalls.



Although there are already a small number of geology based tourist attractions in the region, these are currently underutilised by tourists and safari companies. If these geological features were promoted, they could provide opportunities for communities outside of the main wildlife viewing destinations.



We believe that geological tourism has the potential to help communities develop a greater sense of engagement with tourists by developing products that are based on the landscape and local cultures rather than transient wildlife that communities often feel little connection with.



Geomission Uganda has three phases;

  1. Research

  • Investigate and evaluate existing geology based tourism products.

  • Explore local knowledge of the Albertine Rift Valley.

  • Recognise where key geological features are being used and/or understood.


  1. Development of Geological Tourism Ideas

  • Develop and refine tourism ideas in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth National Park and the surrounding conservation area.

  • Support geology based community tourism ventures, particularly in areas where wildlife tourism is limited.


  1. Training and evaluation

  • Development of a training programme in basic geology for rangers, guides and others interested.

  • Development of a geoscience resource pack for use in schools in Uganda and the UK.



What will your money go towards? 

Our launch fund will allow us to send a team out to Uganda. It will enable us to produce resourses and facilitate community and ranger workshops. It will also help us to produce a resource pack and run sessions for schools in both the UK and Uganda, encouraging primary aged children to enjoy Earth science.

We need your support to ensure our project reaches its full potential. Please click the pledge button on this page to help us make Geomission Uganda a reality!


Range Land Safaris

“Very good initiative and clearly outlined. I think this what we have been missing in the QE Parks Project”

- Musabe Ronnie, Tour Manager


QE Parks Twinning Project Twinned Schools

“Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for schools!”

– Mr Stanley, Assistant Headteacher, Liss Junior School


For more information and to follow our progress, find us on social media!

Twitter: @GeoUganda

Facebook: Geomission Uganda

Instagram: geomission_uganda

Youtube: Geomission Uganda



What is The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project?

The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project is a community project bringing together the individuals, schools, communities and the staff of the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire, England.

It is a project of cultural exchange and mutual support that focuses on conservation by working closely with and empowering local communities and supporting education initiatives. It also promotes the exchange of ideas and best practice between the staff of the two Queen Elizabeth Parks.


To learn more about the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project visit

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