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Geo Hitch

by Jonathan Lowe in 

We did it
On 12th August 2016 we successfully raised £58,750 with 48 supporters in 94 days

Geo Hitch is the new and innovative location based activity app that’s fun for the whole family.

by Jonathan Lowe in


Pitch the Hitch to Rich  

What is Geo Hitch? 

Geo Hitch is the new and innovative location based activity game that’s fun for the whole family. 

Imagine a treasure hunt that changes every day; and one that continues to excite and entertain even after the find. With challenges to complete and leaderboards to climb, Geo Hitch is the real life recreation game you never knew you would enjoy. 

Go outside to discover and interact with thousands of virtual HitchHikers right now! Pick them up using your mobile device, then earn points by releasing them back into the real world anywhere you like. 

This free app is easy to use and is suited to a wide range of independent lifestyles. 

  • Create your own HitchHikers 
  • Earn coins and points according to how far and how fast you’ve travelled 
  • Create your own Leaderboards to compete against friends 
  • Track HitchHikers as they travel around the globe 
  • Use tickets to send HitchHikers anywhere in the world! 
  • Boost your score by adding items to Backpacks 
  • Upgrade your vehicle to transport multiple HitchHikers

The app is available on android devices as of 11th May (click here to download) and on IoS as of 13th May (click here to download). Enjoy!


Where did Geo Hitch come from? 

After one of our creative discussions, Martin and I emerged looking to develop an app that we could be really passionate about.  Having disregarded a number of very good ideas, we fixed ourselves on one concept that we thought was particularly outstanding. The Geo Hitch embryo was gently nurtured during the second half of 2015 and we’ve been busy developing its charisma ever since. 

We launched a beta version of the app in February with over 70 testers across the world taking part.  We’ve witnessed the game promote both competitive and collaborative interaction and are hearing of the motivation it’s giving to healthy pursuits. 

We’ve been retaining developers and designers in Carlisle to get the app ready.  We’re looking to make use of this geographical presence to have a very strong local launch over the coming weeks.  As we gather momentum, there will be a national drive and with continued support, we will aim to become a ‘Great’ British export story. 

Business Model 

The app is free to download for both iphone and android users. The launch of Version 1 has been focussed to coincide with the launch of our VOOM and Crowdfunder campaigns.  Our subsequent focus will be to increase the user base of the app.  To help deliver this, we will be enhancing features that promote more interaction between users; we would expect to see substantial benefits from this improved social engagement. 


As the user base grows we expect to increase income levels, with in app purchases being the core part of our income. We aim to keep the free entry level app as fun as possible, with the majority of features available.  To date we have used our own funds but require some assistance to perfect a Version 2.  We wish to incorporate a premium service into this second release (expected by the end of July) which will boost our financial ability to keep providing the development of the app over the coming years which it will require.  However, rather than simply using premium membership as a monetising tool, we believe in offering a service with real benefits to those that subscribe without limiting the basic service.

We anticipate sponsorship playing a key role in fostering a link between the virtual and physical in the game. We anticipate sponsors purchasing packages from us and integrating the use of the app around their own more physical product; for instance, we can drive users to a local cafe by inserting specific and rewarding game items into their location.  Not only will it drive footfall to the location but it will associate their brand with the innovative and growing brand that is Geo Hitch. 

We are keen to make sure the flow of the app is as good as possible.  So, rather than overlaying pay per click advertising, we are building this potential revenue space into the app itself so users are more likely to appreciate the potential benefits of the advertisements. 

Why we deserve to win 

We have a fantastic team with complementary skills and endless ambition.  More importantly, we believe we have devised a game that simply did not exist before and has no direct competition in comparison.  This incredibly unique app deserves an incredible crowd to get involved. 

We want to shape an international network of supportive collaborators. We don’t want your HitchHikers, your alter egos, to be left at the roadside simply because no-one knows they are there.  We do want your HitchHikers to travel freely; we want their Missions to be fulfilled; we want to establish a very modern way of putting a message in a bottle and tracking its progress. 

For this, we need to be ready.  We need to develop the app at a faster rate.  We need to be able to market the name of Geo Hitch to an international audience.  This time, we need a ride.  We need you

So we’re here to Pitch the Hitch to Rich.   



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