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TV chat-show with the cast sharing sensitive emotional & deeply personal issues affecting minorities & immigrants in the Generation Y.

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Those born within 1980 - 1992 are also described as the Generation Y or Millenials. They are the most educated Generation in history and the first generation in western history to grow up immersed in digital technology. Main stream media  has drawn a picture that characterises them as entitled, lazy, vain, and selfie lovers! 

Research has consistently shown that the description of Generation Y has been focused on mainly WHITES and fails to take into consideration the Immigrants and Minorities (the 'ignored') within the Generation Y. Their opinions and contribution is currently ignored as they find themselves trapped between the strict ideologies of their culture & religion, while also trying to embrace the western ideologies and way of life.



We need your support to produce the first Season (with 10 episodes) of the reality TV-talk show. This talk-show shall consist of a select cast of the Generation Y sharing their opinions and experiences on the emotional barriers & pressures they face daily. 

The talk-show will also serve to create a platform for people struggling with any issues discussed to seek help and understand that it is okay to share their burdens and stories to build a more united Generation Y. 

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