Generation Rent - Discount Card

Generation Rent - Discount Card

A social enterprise discount club card for Generation rent. Providing exclusive discounts and preferential rates for cost effective living.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Almost one in four households in Britain will be renting privately by the end of 2021 as soaring house prices and stagnant wages put home ownership out of the reach of growing numbers of people. With around 5m households, or 21% of the total, currently in private rented accommodation, which is set to rise to 5.79m (or 24%) over the next five years.

Not surprisingly, 68% of renters still expect to be living in rented accommodation in three years’ time. The most common reason for renting was saving for a deposit to buy a property.

Today we have discount club cards that benefit a wide range of people including; student cards, supermarket club cards and taste cards to name a few, but we seem to be missing a hugely important sector that is in need of help – Generation Rent.

Happy Club Card will focus on creating cost effective living for Generation Rent by forging close relationships with large and small businesses nationwide to offer exclusive discounts to those that are renting allowing them to save the pounds that will in turn help them get their foot on the property ladder.

We wish to Crowfund £20,000 for this social enterprise project to fund the online/offline infrastructure, help approach businesses and produce the first batch of cards.

Together we can turn Generation Rent into Generation Happy.


What discounts do we foresee Happy Club Card obtaining for renters across England?

Gyms, Supermarkets, Resturants, Bars, Days Out, Holidays, Insurance and much more.