Crowdfunding for candidates

Crowdfunding for candidates

British politics are ripe for change. 

You’ve got the passion and ideas to make that happen.

Never has there been a greater time to harness the power of the crowd. 

Crowdfunding is the simplest way to raise funds quickly and provides you with a crowd of like-minded people who will help build your following and bring your manifesto to life. 

 In election 2019, the playing field is open to all. Let the battle commence.

How it works

start crowdfunding

Get started on Crowdfunder

Create your unique page. Tell your story and explain your idea. Then set a target and how long you need to reach it.

Get the word out

Get the word out

Spread the word to friends, professional contacts and others in your community. Tell everyone you know about your crowdfunder.

Get funded

Get funded

People who like your idea donate or pledge money in return for a reward they’ll receive once your crowdfunder succeeds.

Benefits of crowdfunding


2 for 1

Take the opportunity to gain funds towards your campaign whilst raising awareness.


Keep in touch

Stay connected with your supporters and get real feedback from real people in real time.


Grow your online identity

Build a positive online image for your party and engage people with your policies.


Crowd validation

Get real supporters of your nomination pledging real money in real time, and do it in a very visible way, so others can see your support and jump onboard too.


Marketing boost

Running a project on Crowdfunder can raise your profile in a big way. Think of the funding period as an intensive marketing exercise and an opportunity to try out new ways of promoting yourself.


It's for life

The people who support you become your community, volunteers and members. As they are taking part in your journey and they make incredible ambassadors for you in the future.

Find your party on Crowdfunder

Standing for one of the big parties? Get started by visiting your party’s hub page to be part of the campaign.

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In the last two elections all the SNP candidates have crowdfunded themselves into Westminster

Go to the SNP Hub

Can't find your party? Don't let that stop you!

You can still crowdfund your candidacy with support from the Crowdfunder team.

Learn how to crowdfund with our guides