Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Huntingdon

by Paul Bullen in Kimbolton, England, United Kingdom

Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Huntingdon
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by Paul Bullen in Kimbolton, England, United Kingdom

I'm standing up for BREXIT by remaining steadfast on my commitment to deliver Brexit, in Huntingdon, by standing as an Independent.

I'm a former County Councillor & businessman and will contest the constituency in the next general election, standing against incumbent, Jonathan Djanogly. 

Standing-in defence of Brexit in Huntingdon, a 54.2% leave constituency, three years after the referendum, should not be happening. However, following the procrastination of our previous government and its failure to secure our exit from the European Union, the poorly-judged decision by our current PM to stand remain-supporting Djanogly as the local candidate yet again, is an insult to the local electorate, who voted to leave. It is noted that remain MPs such as Mr Djanogly will continue to frustrate and paralyse Brexit and democracy more broadly. In addition to my commitment to deliver Brexit, I am equally determined to tackle important local issues and I am committed to serving the constituency of Huntingdon, and ask all residents to reach out with the issues that matter to them”. 

I am adamant that the Conservative’s choice of candidate shows a lack of understanding regarding the support for Brexit in the constituency. A Candidate, such as Mr Djanogly, highlights a lack of understanding and respect for the decent, hard-working people of the Huntingdon constituency, people who turn out year after year to vote, but who never get to see real change! I will stand up for those people and serve the interests of their constituency. They want to see their constituency thrive, and understand the importance of having someone local to represent them. Like them, I am a local resident, I know and care about the issues that concern local people, and will work hard on their behalf to ensure those issues are addressed, and that their vote truly counts and affects change.

David Blake, former Brexit Party Candidate for Huntingdon has said: “Whilst many people who had planned to side with the Brexit Party will feel as disappointed as me with Mr Farage's decision to stand many candidates down, Paul is an excellent candidate to champion the Pro Brexit vote. As well as me, neighbouring former PPC's Stephen Spencer, Liam Round and Vivienne Robinson all plan to fully support Paul in his bid.”

We all share a commitment to deliver Brexit, defend democracy and change this countries broken politics and I am absolutely delighted to have these former candidates on board for what will be an intense campaign, I hope many constituents will reach out to the only Pro Brexit candidate representing Huntingdon. 

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