General Election - Facebook Adverts

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General Election - Facebook Adverts
We did it
On 29th May 2017 we successfully raised £80 with 5 supporters in 7 days

To raise money to run Facebook/Instagram adverts promoting voting for EU

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We will run facebook adverts aggresively in the last week before polling day. 

We think this has to be done! People through the UK will see these ads by just logging into Facebook

There is no fixed amount that we need to raise. 100% of the money we raise will be put into running facebook adverts. The more money for more people we can reach.

Our adverts will follow the following guide:

  • Promoting EU and voting for Europe and also don't vote Tory for a myriad of reasons
  • Can be anti Tory / UKip. Though will not promote or be negative about the other parties.
  • In areas it makes sense to do so will promote people visting a tactical voting website.

We are open to suggestions for adverts to run. There are so many fantastic graphics in the facebook groups that we need to get outside the bubble. 

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