General Election - Anti Tory Billboard Campaign

by People's Assembly in London, England, United Kingdom

General Election -  Anti Tory Billboard Campaign
We did it
On 13th December 2019 we successfully raised £12,713 with 607 supporters in 34 days

We have just 2 weeks to raise enough money to put Billboards or Ad vans across the Country and get the Tories Out for good! Please dig deep

by People's Assembly in London, England, United Kingdom

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SANDI ROBINSON 25th November 2019

Anything to get rid of the Tories. People have been brain washed into voting for a party who will only look after themselves and their friends. They have ruined NHS and social services and cruelly treated the disabled. Enough of austerity and the billionaires not paying their fair share

Chan Valentin 24th November 2019

Our country can't take another 5 years of brutal Tory rule. We're broken. Our people are being callously murdered by policy, our communities are being destroyed and our once proud institutions and services are on their knees. It really is time for real change. Tories out!

Ian gornall 23rd November 2019

Plz give what you can . Even a little bit is helpful . Anything to be rid of the nasty party . I can’t afford a lot , but I can’t afford not to . JC4PM 👍🌹🌹🌹

Dennis O’Grady 22nd November 2019

I’m fully supportive of this! Johnson is a cheat, he is a proven liar and he will give in to Trump’s demands if he gets another term in office. He must be stopped!

desertsaffron- 22nd November 2019

The 99% of our society cannot survive another Conservative government. 130k dead, 50% children in poverty, working homeless, terminally ill passed fit to work, people choosing suicide over a life of indignity, nurses at foodbanks, Grenfell, Bolton fire, environmental collapse. #VoteLabour #ToriesOut #ForTheMany #ManifestoOfHope

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