Gender Transition for emotional and physical abuse

by Wasim Chaudhry in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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To save me from the years of suffering and be the Gender I should have been at birth ..

by Wasim Chaudhry in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

It's like moving from black and white into technicolour,My basic operating level has been very low and poor, I have never been happy for along long time , years of severe depression and no self confidence in my gender. For many transgender people, taking hormones or hormone blockers is an important decision, and one that can potentially save lives.Undergoing HRT can be difficult and expensive and with NHS waiting times lasting years, many resort to DIY methods that can be dangerous. They /them pronouns and identifies as non-binary, a term that describes gender identities that do not sit within the parameters of “male” or “female”. Then taking anti-androgens “in a futile attempt of ‘this is fine, I don’t need hormones’”. But then can been on oestrogen, Estradiol Hemihydrate, for one year and seven month. I’ve need to leave this depression to just bog-standard dysthymia, no more emotional detachment, my weight fluctuates too much, I need to focus on day-to-day activities, I’m more receptive to ideas and opportunities, and I twould like to think into the future more and use a calendar .. it is not just the physical changes that are of benefit – it is the psychological and emotional ones too

Let's make 'Gender Transition for emotional and physical abuse' happen