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Welcome to our Pitch for GeekTV Limited. This project has been in the making now for 3 years and we now believe its ready to Launch for...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Welcome to our Pitch for GeekTV Limited. This project has been in the making now for 3 years and we now believe its ready to Launch for April 2017.

What is GeekTV?

Well, The definition of Geek is "A knowledeable and Obsessive enthusiast!". We think we all have the innner Geek inside of  us, whatever your passion follows.

GeekTV has secured the purchase of a SKY EPG "CHANNEL". This channel will be owned as TV Real Estate and the value will only go up in time. The channel is located in the Entertainment Section of SKY (Around the 200's). The Channel will run 24hrs a day, with mixed entertainment, both live and pre recorded. We currently are obtaining rights to several TV shows and Live events. We also have a buy back option on the channel after 3 months.

Not only will GeekTV procure programming, but also create it own with its sister company Studio 72. The investment will be split between the two companies. The Studios will be based in West Sussex and we already have had enquiries from companies wishing to use it production facilities. The Studio will be able to go LIVE to our SKY channel and also our Website, Facebook, Youtube etc.  The Studio equipment Investment alone is £120,000. The Studio will be hired out also at £1500.00 per day, when we are not using this for our own productions and broadcasts.  An example: If we were to go to another studio to produce 4 hours of "AS LIVE" TV programming this would cost £2,000 per day (8am -5pm) (Studio Hire, Production Director, 2 Camerman, Runner) which is one day in the studio + Presenter Costs, Hotels & Travel Costs. It makes 100% sense to own our own studio and run it efficiently.

Ok, thats the Studio out of the way. What are you going to Watch on GEEKTV?

We are still working on a Schedule and as you can imagine with 24hrs of TV to fill, its a full time Job for scheduling and sourcing. 

The channel is broken down in to the following programming we are allowed.

24 Hrs Entertainment

From 10am to 10pm we are allowed 3 hours of Shopping TV.

From 10pm until 10am we can put on additional Shopping or sell these hours for around £16,000 per month for a 3 month contract.

I guess the question you are going to ask is "How Much does the channel cost to run per hour?", I can tell you £123.29 per hours for 24 hrs a day 365days per year. The break down is the following £80,000 per month for the EPG running costs including SKY and regsitering with BARB for Viewers figures (this allows us to sell advertising to top companies, once the viewer figures are up). 12 months per year, divide by 365 divide by 24hrs. When we add the studio on at £10,000 per month running costs then our Hourly Cost £123.29. 

We know that other channels charge around £200.00 - £1000.00 per hour for your to play your content to which we will have the same rate card.

What we also have is 3 hours of Shopping TV per day, due to our past experience this can generate profit from £500 per hour upto £5000 per hour depending on the shows. We will not be putting just any shopping on but targeted marketing with Collectables & Memorabilia, Gadgets, Gifts, Techonology, New and Exciting Products, Retro, Music. Based on the lowest figure we can and only product £250.00 profit per hour on these shows, we are covering airtime and making a small margin.

We have advertising slots every hour we can also sell and promote.

Wait, have we forgotten, that this is not just a TV channel on a Satellite Network but also WORLDWIDE over the Internet. This is untapped and within the collectables market will be huge. 

Behind our Collectable Shows, we have one of the best Gary "GAZZA" Ashburn, The Collectables Guru. With 30 + years of experience.

His TV appearances include: Antiques Party, Cash in the Attic, Put your money where your mouth is, Collectors Lot, Antiques Fayre, Automobilia, Bikemobilia, Antiques Roadshow –as well as other programmes like: Big Breakfast, Love to Shop, GMTV, Something for the Weekend, Good Food Live, Lose Women and Children in Need. He has also been a guest on BBC 1, ITV, Sky News, CNN and other news programmes, both in the UK and Overseas. Gary is a popular and familiar face in the Media World, where his friendly and down-to-earth approach, basic advice and tips are eagerly sought.Gary began his career in the in the world of Collectables and Memorabilia over 30 years ago, when he worked in the publishing industry. He was responsible for 7 different collecting publications – covering subjects from Stamps to Coins, Model Cars to Formula One to Sci Fi and TV/Film memorabilia.Gary then became a Board Director for the Stanley Gibbons/Frasers/Benham Group of Collectables companies.Gary is also a member of AFTAL. (one of the leading autograph trade associations in the World – who authenticate signatures for many high street auctioneers and important organisations like the Police and Trading Standards.)

So we aim to bring the best names to our channel to support us. 

We will bring live music to our Channel from the Famous "DINGWALLS", Camden Lock, London.

Live events from all around the world. We are a WORLDWIDE COMPANY! streaming to everyone, Everywhere.

Catchup/On demand will mean that nobody will miss a show and can repeat whenever like.

We have another amazing partner Maria Kempinska MBE, who was the Founder of Jongleurs the Famous comedy clubs. She will be bringing fantastic, New and Exciting Shows to the channel from the world of comedy, theatre and music.

Currently we are in negotiation for several large events for the Streaming and TV. (Including Dingwalls Live, Jongleurs Live, The Soul Awards, Several Theatre Productions and we are working with one of the biggest Merchandising companies in if not the world certainly Europe to stream the events they are involved with. (Event Merchandising)

TNA Wrestling, to who we have pitched to via the merchandising company,  last show on another UK entertainment Channel (Which now the contract has not been renewed) generated ofer 160,000 Viewers on the Channel alone. Imagine that with Streaming and PPV (Pay Per View) worldwide. (A great Revenue income, Plus advertising). 


The company we have purchased out EPG from, also owns several other channels and will be marketing our new channel across those and its other platforms. They also activley be marketing our studio and using it for their own productions. They have an amazing team and line up of channels are and working with us to make our channel succeed.

We will be employing a Social Media Guru.

Social Media is now the way to market our Channel. Here is just an idea of the potential Figures:

Geek, Nerd on instagram, Facebook & Twitter using just those keywords / #tags 

Instagram: Geek 6.6m Nerd, 7.7m

Collectables 208k, Star Wars 21m, Rock n Roll 5.4m

Gaming 10.7m, Retro 14.8, Esports 236k,  

OK, lets choose a words like Comedy 9m, SCi-Fi 1.5m, Cosplay 15.3m, Music 135m, These have huge followings and we can tap into those markets world wide by offering great Entertainment "WORLDWIDE"

These are just figures on One or Two social networks, we have the ability to tap into all of them.

Being told from one of the Ad Agency that will be involved with us, is that once we hit our monthly figures through BARB, we have the oppertunity to hook the big advertisers into our channel.

Working with partners that you can buy items off the TV program that you are watching with a click of  button, YES! see something in a TV program, click on that item and buy it world wide. 

We have Multi Streaming Partners Worldwide and a UK TV Channel Presence.

So here is the Target Areas we are aiming at:

Music, Comedy, Gaming, Cosplay, Collectables & Memorabilia, Sci-Fi, Esports, Gadgets & New.

 We have a good team around us from the Worlds of Music, Entertainment, Television and Collectables.

 There are Niche TV Channels out there that have been funded and working in the Areas of Arts & Craft, Cruising, Holidays etc. We know we can captivate a world wide audience and make this channel work.

Thankyou for reading and helping us launch this innovative TV/Streaming Channel.

Personally i have invested £250,000 of my own money to start this channel and we are looking for additional investment to make this the best Mixed Entertainment Channel across the world.

We look forward in Launching April 2017.

Martin Pitt