Gee Yer Granny a Hand

by Kellie-Ann Lees in Dreghorn, Scotland, United Kingdom

Gee Yer Granny a Hand
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To help my gran get back on her feet as she has next to nothing left.

by Kellie-Ann Lees in Dreghorn, Scotland, United Kingdom

Last month my gran was tidying up her garden and burning weeds when she got too warm in the nice weather. She went indoors to make a cup of tea and heard some rustling behind her. This rustling was fire that had came from the heat of the garden tool she had just finished using. This heat had started fire to the weeds/dry grass that had just been cut and quickly spread to the freshly painted shed. This then engorged the shed. My gran ran out with water to try put it out but when the shed door was opened it exploded and threw my gran back into the house while burning her face/hands and jumper while singeing her hair! Luckily her neighbours were at hand and got her safely out the house and phoned the fire brigade. My gran is 78,lives alone in a one bedroom pensioner bungalow. All of her possessions, photos, clothes was in the house. As it was unsafe she only got out her handbag, medication and bible that the firemen went in to get her. As her home is through local council she is currently staying with my brother and partner who have just had a baby. She is waiting to be rehomed in temporary accommodation that could be up to a year before her home is repaired properly. As she left with nothing, I'm trying to raise funds to get her clothing and footwear and some bedding etc. She then has no white goods for her kitchen, couch, soft furnishings and ornaments for when she can finally get back in. If I could raise some money for her this would be such a boost. She shops at local charity shops etc so shouldn't need too much. Anything given will be hugely appreciated.

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