Gedney Hill Community Public House Project

Gedney Hill Community Public House Project

Our village pub closed, and the brewery owner tried to sell it off for housing. We want to purchase it to turn into a community facility.

We did it!

On 30th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £130 with 3 supporters in 56 days


When the Red Lion Public House in the Lincolnshire village of Gedney Hill closed after the last tenants moved away, the local people always expected the brewery owners to do their best to get it reopened as a pub.

Unfortunately more than two years later, this Grade-2 Listed historic building is looking increasingly derelict, and the brewery has attempted to sell the building off to a developer to turn into housing.

What we've done so far:

Fortunately the local community was able to fend off this prospect when they applied for, and were granted, an ACV (Asset of Community Value) Listing for the site. Unfortunately this only lasts until April, after which time it will again be at risk of sale to a developer.

The community has expressed a keen interest in the Red Lion being purchased by and run for the benefit of the people in Gedney Hill and the surrounding rural areas. To this end a Charitable Company has been set up with the specific aim to try to achieve this:

The company can only use the funds for the purposes of charitable or non-profit community benefit activities in the area. The directors are all volunteers and do not receive any funds raised. All costs so far incurred have come out of the pockets of the directors.

Why do we need funds?

We have now come to a point where we desperately need funds to push forward with the objects of the project - we may have to engage professionals to make plans, apply for government funding, deal with complex legal issues or help complete viability studies. Most importantly at this time, we need to engage a Chartered Surveyor to give a proper valuation of the site, or even a full survey if we can afford it.

What happens to my donation?

If you are able to donate to the project you can be assured that all funds received will be used directly in the pursuit of our goal of making the Red Lion a community facility for the benefit of the local area. Any extra funds will go into the fund being set up to raise the purchase price of the building.

In the event that the project should fail and we are unable to realise the funding required to purchase the Red Lion, any funds remaining will go into other community projects benefitting Gedney Hill or the wider South Holland area.

Please help us achieve our vision!

The project photo shows what the Red Lion used to look like in happier times - please help us to achieve our dream of it becoming a thriving, friendly and traditional village pub again.

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