Ge-Gi's  Tepee

by Emma in Majorca

Ge-Gi's  Tepee
We did it
On 19th September 2018 we successfully raised £130 with 5 supporters in 56 days

Open a fully sustainable, organic produce farm & wellness retreat in Mallorca.

by Emma in Majorca

Sustainable, working organic farm, retreat and wellness centre.

(An operational community offering an organic farm - (orchard,  vegetable gardens, ducks, chickens and bees). and An idyllic yoga space, meditation gardens, simple but luxurious accommodation and therapy rooms, Bringing world renowned teachers, yoga & workshops, treatments & therapies, good people, wonderful  food, and love to the community). 

‘Ge-Gi’s Tepee’

Launched now  in honour of a phenomenal woman, Gilly Adkins. One of the most exceptional beings ever. With the utmost respect for the work that the did and the life that she led. She made the world better; she is also my beloved Godmother. She helped raise me to trust and believe in life so much bigger than what we see. Amongst so many wisdoms she taught me lessons in how to love and practice and heal and be. To not necessarily follow rules and to trust in instincts, my heart,  people and Love. The teaching continues now she has moved on.

This crowdfunding appeal is with the hope of buying land and a building in the 

North of Mallorca.

'The Farm'

A beautifully designed and landscaped farm; utilising and enhancing the ruins and grounds of the property. Providing organic seasonal produce (fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, honey). Creating an open sanctuary to wander and meditate. Offering mixed baskets of daily produce for sale and servicing the local community, families and businesses. Creating a sustainable micro-environment, and generating revenue to renovate and maintain the property and project ongoing. 


The heart of Ge-Gi’s Teepee will be a healing centre for survivors of trauma and rape. (But will welcome everybody).

The remedies will include a combination of daily yoga practice, meditation, diet, and specific therapies, physical labour & farm work. Attendance will be donation based. Individuals will stay as long as is mutually worthwhile, and may visit often as necessary, for them to shift and heal from the trauma they sustained. Speaking from personal experience, I am entirely confident in the results these practices will bring to anyone willing to work at them.

A large welcoming Yoga space will offer regular classes ongoing, welcoming everybody. 

To generate income to help sustain the project in the development years and ongoing, we will hold intermittent exclusive yoga retreats.  

Building GeGi’s.
The development will be completed wherever possible using recycled materials and building sustainably and in alignment with the land. With the aim of using some of the landfill of the island and making it beautiful and with out creating any more of a footprint. All structures on site will be beautifully renovated and utilised - inspired by chateaus, Earthships and adobe buildings.. Designed with integrity to enhance a beautiful landmark building. See link

All work will be completed where possible by local skilled tradesmen, myself, guests, family, friends and volunteers. They will live on site for as long as they are constructively involved.  The community of people around the world already involved in building in these ways is growing strong and we will count on their expertise and guidance. We already have a skilled joiner and a horticulteral/farming genius, teachers, therapists, designers and willing labourers.  

The dream of this project  has been around for many years. It was always two part with the plan to raise capital for the centre myself. I opened a yoga school in 2012 in Edinburgh and have an amazing team of people running it with me. It has grown from an old warehouse and has already served thousands of souls in the city and built a strong healing community. We are incredibly grateful and proud. However even at capacity (not always), with its own costs, it will take too many more years to raise the capital needed for Part 2, Ge-Gi's Tepee. Unfortunately. six years in, I still don’t have nearly enough money myself, and have mostly lived my adult life wandering, which doesn’t draw typical lenders. 

The dream would be to raise enough money to buy the property. Or, raising a deposit big enough - to convince lenders to lend enough - to make the owners a respectable offer, could maybe work also. Or, even just enough support to convince the locals and the Mayor to help find funding, to make this happen and restore a beautiful building to something everyone is proud of.  Grateful for anything and also still, if nothing more than for this step forwards.

Crowdfunding encourages us to offer something to those donating. I came up with a few, (see the link). For any donation amount, we can offer endless gratitude, love and a portion of good karma your way.

Thank you for reading, please share if you will.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Good Karma

Loving Kindness coming back to you!

£10 or more

Be a part of it.

Your name on the wall of the Yoga room.

£20 or more


The opportunity to join us for a while, and learn how to build and live sustainably on the planet..

£30 or more

Act of Kindness.

The opportunity to love a stranger and help them heal just because you can.

£1,000 or more

First Retreat.

Admission to our very first retreat, (once it is luxurious).

£5,000 or more

Escape Retreat.

An annual, 3 day luxury Yoga retreat for 2, for 10 years.

£10,000 or more

Retreat Escape.

An annual, 7 day luxury Yoga retreat for 2, for 10 years.

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