Gaze - Exhibition

by Jacob Trup in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Gaze - Exhibition
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A new and exciting installation based on the representation of women in Hollywood films throughout the last century.

by Jacob Trup in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

1619542444_the_pro.pngHi Everyone!

We are delighted to bring to you an exciting new exhibition hitting the shores of the South Coast this Summer!

The Male Gaze is a topic often brought up especially with the arrival of the #MeToo and Times Up Movements. Whether it may be the lack of representation of female directors in top grossing films, or just the portrayal and sometimes, dispensability of female characters cast in these films- we know there is a story to be told. 

Along with our co-creators, Anya King and Morgan Bull, two Film graduates from Bournemouth University, and our enthusiastic and dedicated crew, we will showcase a variety of pieces throughout the film ages in the form of Set Design and Costume!

BUT, this is no ordinary exhibition! Ever wondered what it would be like to see the decisions of set design and costume as chosen from a female directors approach? Look no further because we have no intention of showing skimpy dresses slapped onto the next actress to look 'sexy'. We want to show the power behind the characters and the empowerment behind their roles. Look no further than the 'GAZE- Exhibition'...

We want our installation to be as well-researched as possible, gaining key concepts and personal stories from individuals who've been around the business for quite some time. We have access to some of the most fascinating resources and we can't wait to show you, but now we ask for a little bit of help. Our project needs funding and we know that with your support, we can take this project to the next level. 

1619544016_meet_the.pngHere is the crew for this upcoming project, spanning from BA Film students to Costume designer and makers from AUB!


1619543908_1619543901282.pngI'm Morgan Bull and I'm the set and installation designer for ‘Gaze’. This project will challenge my ability as a production designer through a large scale set to making the design unique and effective. This idea has been developing for months, and I am extremely excited to see it finally come to life with this amazing crew."

1619543952_1619543946150.png"I'm Anya Kind and I’m the costume and installation designer for ‘Gaze’. I am so excited and grateful to have such an amazing crew on board for this project. This endeavour is full of challenges to overcome and I look forward to all of the new skills I will gain. We are working hard to create a wonderful, interactive installation that everyone to enjoy and learn from, and we hope that you love this event as much as we do!"


1619542879_1619542873376.png"Hi I'm Jacob and I’m the Production Manager for GAZE. I’m a filmmaker studying at BU currently on a gap year. I wanted to get involved in Gaze as soon as I heard about the project and we’ve been putting in the work trying to get things up and running and I’m so excited to show you what Anya and Morgan have been working on. Other than that, this is a conversation that needs to be had and I hope this raises light on some of the darkest periods in Hollywood cinema."

1619542954_163239534_120431580061681_6942882294774029138_n.jpg"Hi, my name is Spoorthy and I’m doing my masters in producing film and television at BU. I handle the Instagram account for GAZE and I am stoked to be part of this project. I am very passionate about storytelling and women’s empowerment. It is important to have positive and accurate representation. I hope everyone enjoys this exhibition and gets to learn from their experience."

1619543075_1619543065238.png"Hi, my name is Chloe and I am going to be filming and editing the content for Gaze. I am really excited to be a part of this project as it focuses on the portrayal of women in film throughout history, and this is something I am already passionate about, so to be involved with this project alongside these talented women is an incredible opportunity. I will be able to capture all of the hard work the team have put in. This will include a documentary of the installation coming together, the days the exhibition is running and everything in-between! I can’t wait for everyone to see this amazing project and I am so excited to be a part of it."


1619543203_159221380_116774463760726_6452058899737005934_n.jpg"Hi I am Grace,
I’ll be working as part of the costume team as the costume supervisor.
I am studying costume supervision at AUB. I have done lots of theatre productions before and I am excited about working through an installation as it’s new to me.
I think that the subject matter is very important I grew up watching a lot of these films and many of them inspired my chosen career. I think the portrayal of woman in Hollywood is an incredibly important subject especially at the moment and I believe this project will show this in a dynamic light."

1619543114_1619543109250.png"Hi! I’m Ruby, and I am a final year costume student at AUB, specialising in costume design for film and theatre. My passion lies in visual storytelling and creating characters through costume.
I have previously worked with BU and AUB’s Performing Arts Society, Bournemouth Film School, and on Jacob Trup’s short film What We’d Like From You, 2019.
I am really excited to be a part of this project exploring female representation in film. As a woman seeking self-representation, I have not always found it in the female characters portrayed on screen, and as a costume designer I feel a responsibility to create positive images for the under-represented.
For this installation I will be working with Anya and our amazing team of costumiers to re-imagine a contemporary take on some iconic female costumes from films. I will be creating some brand-new design illustrations with the aim of raising questions about the costume choices of these films."

1619543285_1619543280045.png"Hiya! My name is Nazine and I’m a costume designer and maker! I love to create unusual designs and bring them to life through costuming for film and theatre. I am very excited to be working on costumes for ‘Gaze’."

1619543335_158166806_116128657158640_3600567455260665456_n.jpg"Hi ! I am Camille Bourasseau, I am studying Costume design in AUB and I will be working on the costumes for  Gaze.  This project will be my first time working on an installation, as opposed to a film or a play, and I am really excited about this new experience. What I like most about this installation is that it will take you to various time period, so it's a great opportunity from a costume point of view to create for each era. I am also interested in this project for the discussion it will create about the portrayal of women in films."

1619543384_1619543379439.png"My names Charlotte, I’m a third year costume interpreter aiming to recreate a costume from an iconic female role in film. I aim to focus on broadening my skill set and learning new techniques to perfectly recreate and interpret my given design.We can’t wait to have you on the team!"

1619543424_1619543418854.png"Hi, I’m Annie and I’m working as part of the costume department on Gaze.I am a costume and performance design student at AUB specialising in costume design for film. I also have experience in making costumes, particularly period pieces.Gaze is an amazing project with such a strong and meaningful message that I am so lucky to be a part of. I am very excited to be working on this project and hope that you all enjoy what we create!"


1619543499_1619543491658.png"I'm Josh and my role in this film is Set Dresser. I'm still working out my desired speciality for the future so I’m trying my luck at set design. I want to get key experience from this project, working hands on with projects is the best way to learn and get experience for the future. I'm hoping to get all of this on the production and learn more about the filmmaking process at the same time. It’s an important subject we’re covering so I’m especially excited to get involved."

1619543537_1619543532040.png"Hi, my name is Emily and I am going to assisting on this project as one of the set dressers! What excites me about this project is that brings to light an important topic through innovative means, and as a women with an interest in the film industry this really resonated with me. I have always enjoyed taking part in and expressing myself creatively, and hope that I can bring some of my own creative experience to the project. I am looking forward to working with a great group of people to make something powerful!"

1619543586_1619543571048.png"I’m Dominic, I’m a set dresser for Gaze, I’m a second year film student at BU who has an interest in production design. I joined the project to get hands on experience for the future as well as having interest in the unique idea of the project."

1619542457_money.pngWith our funding packages laid out, we can guarantee you full inclusion into what is promising to be quite the exciting installation. Here is the budget for our installation, showing what we are making and how much is going towards each department.


Join us in our mission to shed light on some of the darkest corners of Hollywood Cinema, from Grease to Bond...and beyond!


The GAZE Team. 


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