Gaza at WEDC International Conference, UK

Gaza at WEDC International Conference, UK

Cover travel expenses to get Dr. Mahmoud Shatat to attend WEDC International WaterConference in UK to present the water crises in Gaza Strip

We did it!

On 28th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £2,152 of £2,000 target with 57 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

Funds over and above GBP 2,000 will be dontated to Oxford Palesinian Solidarity Campaign (Oxford PSC)

The ongoing deterioration of the water supply of the Gaza strip poses a difficult challenge on water planners and sustainable management of the coastal aquifer in occupied Gaza Strip. The aquifer is currently overexploited, with total pumping exceeding total recharge. In addition, pollution from human sources threatens all of the water supplies in major urban centres in Gaza. Many water quality parameters presently exceed (WHO) drinking water standards. The major documented water quality problems are elevated chloride (salinity) and nitrate concentrations in the aquifer. Up to 95 per cent of Gaza’s population source their drinking water from 154 public or private producers, whose production and supply chain result in the potential contamination of up to 68% of drinking water supplies, exposing nearly 60% of the population to severe public health risks.

This project aims to bring Dr Mahmoud Shatat, a water engineer from the Gaza Strip to the UK,  to present a paper at an International Water Conference hosted by Water Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) at Loughborough University. The conference will take place from 24th - 28th July 2017. Dr Shatat will present a paper on Al Salam Reverse Osmosis (RO) Brackish Water Desalination Plant.

The initiative to bring Dr Shatat to UK is a private initiative, which is supported by Oxford Palesinian Solidarity Campaign (Oxford PSC), and by Oxfam. During his time in the UK. Dr Shatat will be invited to present his work about water in the Gaza Strip at a public meeting in Oxford (Tuesday, 1st August), and at an Oxfam event (31st July). The aim of Dr Shatat's  is to inform an international audience about the dire situation faced by the majority of the population in the Gaza Strip, specifically in relation to water supply. Dr Shatat will also brief the various audiences about the difficulties of working and living in Gaza, and the inhernet difficulties of travelling outside of the Gaza Strip to attend International Conferences, such as the WEDC one.

Budget (estimated costs): GBP
 Transportation: Eretz Crossing - Allenby Bridge - Amman - Airport and return trips (including luggage)  490
 Jordanian visa    60
 Subsistence in Amman and UK  250
 5 nights hotel Loughborough and 2 nights hotel in Amman  350
 Transportation: Heathrow - Loughborough - Oxford - Heathrow  150
 Internaional flight: Amman - Heathrow - Amman  700
 Conference fees (waived by Loughborough University)     0
TOTAL 2000


The aim of this project is to raise GBP 2,000 minimum. If the project succeeds in raising in excess of GBP 2,000 then additional monies will be donated to Oxford Palestian Solidarity Campaign (Oxford PSC).

To ensure the funds raised are managed in transparent and accountable way, a panel of supporters will provide oversite, and produce a financial report about the amount of funds raised and how funds were spent, based on receipted expenditure. The panel members, are:

Tim F                                                 Water specialist and initiator of this initiative, based in Oxford

Dr Mahmoud Shatat                Water specialist from Gaza Strip

Kjetil O                                             Regional programme manager, based in Oxford

Ali A                                                    Oxford PSC  supporter, based in Oxford

If further information is required about the panel members, please feel free to get in touch with the main contact person through the Crowdfunding website. We will endevour to respond to you within 3-days.






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