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We all love crepes and pancakes, I want to sell this particular French dessert around the city and be able to reach my customers anywhere

by Adrian Dominik Luberda in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi all,

Since I can remember I always wanted to start my own business, 

I never did the first step as I was pretty unsure about what exactly my business would have be, I am good at cooking and I love to invent and I thought that opening a restaurant would have been a valid choice; but thinking about the running costs and all the the peppers and permits you need and also seeing many new restaurants closing down not only due the pandemic but especially for the lack of customers I have decided to find something different, something in somehow new. 

Researching on the internet about many different business ideas I eventually found what I think is the best Idea, a cargo bike;

An easy, lucrative and low cost running business.

Once I found the idea I needed the product, there where many different options, but since I love pancakes (and I believe many others too) I opted to the crepe cargo bike layout.

Now I got the idea and the product I'd like to sell, all I need are founds

The starting costs are 10.000£ 

I have some savings apart that I could eventually invest for the business but these are not enough, I don't want ask a loans in bank as the interest rates are hugely high and also due to the pandemic I don't think a new business loan would be approved  

Let's make 'gastro bike' happen

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