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Installation of a Highly Energy Efficient MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system) in a Passivhaus Community Centre

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £750 with 19 supporters in 45 days

General aims

Our aim is to greatly reduce our energy use, reduce our Carbon footprint and play our part in protecting the Global Environment.

We are therefore building a cutting-edge Passivhaus design Community Centre. The building will have very low emissions and low running costs due to its highly energy efficient mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR). This system will provide a constant temperature, well ventilated, comfortable and extremely healthy indoor environment for everyone using the Centre.

Our fund raising is going towards:

The cost of a highly energy efficient mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system being installed in a our new Community Centre.

What is a Passivhaus building? and How does the MVHR system work?

See this short video: 

Our Project

We aim to build an affordable, practical and overall environmentally RESPONSIBLE building with low emissions, low running costs and is healthy for the occupants - with this performance being ROBUST over a long period of time.

To get high energy efficiency, low running costs and a comfortable healthy indoor environment, the three key things to achieve in a Passivhaus building are:

Insulation, Airtightness and Ventilation

1. Insulation - "tea cosy effect" (lots of INSULATION) and Triple Glazed Windows and Doors

2. Airtightness - Cutting out all the draughts through walls, roof and floors: this makes a VERY energy efficient building and a very comfortable one.

3. Ventilation - The MVHR system we are installing will provide a efficient and healthy ventilation system to remove stale air and provide fresh clean air to the building. Most useful in the winter, when the HEAT from the outgoing air is reclaimed to warm the fresh incoming air (air is not mixed, only the heat is recycled). In the summer the system stops recovering the heat from the incoming air (Summer Bypass Mode) and can also help retain COOLTH in the building during heatwaves.

Overall the system is 5 times more efficient than the energy it uses. This is achieved by saving more energy - in the form of HEAT than the energy it uses in the form of electricity. We will also be producing all our electricity from our 14 KW Solar PV system which will be used for the MVHR together with most of our electricity requirements in the building.

Our main objective is to build an affordable, practical and overall environmentally RESPONSIBLE building with low emissions, low running costs and healthy environment for the everyone using the Centre.

The MVHR system together with the Passivhaus design for the Centre, will mean that we can meet this challenge and provide a constant temperature and well ventilated environment for people using the facilities for entertainment, recreation, health care, fitness training and exercise to support healthy life styles.

Background and Location

Garway is situated in a very remote rural part of Herefordshire, the 3rd most sparsely populated county in the UK.

What will the Community Centre provide?

Who will it help?

To help support our rural community, our objective is to provide a Centre which will be a social hub for the local community with facilities for health and wellbeing for the 400 or so people in Garway together with the same number again from the surrounding area. It will enable the community to continue to come together; support neighbourliness; cut individual isolation; support healthy life styles and exercise; learning and artistic pursuits.

What will it provide?

The Centre will be a multipurpose building, including a Kitchen and cafe providing lunches for the local primary school and local people and visitors. It will be a unique venue for important service provision such as Outreach Health, Post Office, provide facilities for fitness, health, exercise, training, music, theatre, other artistic pursuits, afterschool activities, a large number of user groups, business and private functions.

Our Community


Garway Primary School children placing their time capsule in the foundations.


Enthusiasic residents visiting the project

We believe that Passivhaus design incorporating an MVHR system is the building of the future, using low cost - clean energy that will help reduce energy demands and protect the global environment.

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