Garry Pout

Garry Pout

We are raising money to help bring a story about abuse within relationships to life. Each donation will help with costs of the production.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

1 in 14 children have been either physically or emotionally abused.

Last year it was recorded that over 6000 children were in need of protection from physical abuse - Child Protection Register

Violent relaitonships in adolescents is linked to higher rates of risky sexual behaviour and further domestic abuse.

With this in mind how can we as humans hope to overcome such odds? It is our aspirations that by telling the fictional story of one adult, by learning about how his past experiences lead to the abuse to the ones he held dear, will help inform the world the affect abuse has on people.

Garry Pout is a short film that follows Garry through his past experiences and childhood traumas. By facing the demons in his life he hopes to better himself by forgiving those that did him wrong. More importantly, he must be able to be FORGIVEN by those that he has hurt along his path to redemption.

We need you SUPPORT in making this film a reality. The Director, Producer, cast and crew are all final year university students looking to make a big impact on the workd around us. This is a difficult challenge, one that we have never faced before, however we are ready for what lies ahead because we feel that this story NEEDS to be told.

We are looking for kind generous people who would be able to help with costs of filming, locations and payments to the actors, as well as being able to send this film to festivals for more people to learn about the struggle of being a victim of abuse.

With your help we will tell this story in the best way possible so that more people across the world knows of the effects of abuse and how it impacts the victims daily life.

Thank You!