Gareth's medical fund

by Gareth Smith in Tignes

Gareth's medical fund

To help towards financing Gareth's medical bills - his hospital stay, the treatment, the equipment helping him through recovery.

by Gareth Smith in Tignes

We did it
On 21st March 2018 we successfully raised £2,153 with 41 supporters in 56 days

Our lovely Gareth had a season ending accident up the mountain in Tignes on Tuesday (23/1/18) this week.  He is very lucky not to have damaged his spine permanently or in a more significant life altering way.

He has compressed and broken two vertebrae from landing a jump and had to get his eyebrow stitched back together  with 12 stitches. After an X-ray and a CT scan they have decided to taylor him a plastic corset/cast for his torso which he has to wear for the next 90 days to immobilise his spine and to heal the fractures. The complete recovery will take between 6 and 12 months.

Gareth qualifies for EHIC but unfortunately doesn't have any private insurance and would thus need a little help from you. The brief stay in hospital along with ongoing physiotherapy is likely to be very expensive.

Due to the nature of Gareth's injury he will not be able to sit in a regular chair for the next few months. He may need to aquire a specialist medical chair (although he is hoping a bar leaner will suffice).

Gareth would love to remain in the Alpes for the winter so he can be amongst his friends during the healing process, to this end any donation to cover both the cost of his ongoing recovery and to pay some living costs (as he is unable to work) will go a very long way.

Gareth has said you can write some positive (or cheeky) messages on his sexy corset if you happen to be in Tignes with him.

If you see Gareth hobbling slowly around resort then be sure to give him a gentle hug and bring a smile to his day; he will be spreading the mountain stoke as much as he can from the safety of the resort.

It would be a great help if you could support him even with the smallest amount. He is traveling the world without much money, chasing mountain after mountain to live his snowboarding dream.

Gareth isn't sure how much this medical adventure is set to cost him; he has currently aimed for £2500 as it is likely to be an expensive recovery period with ongoing medical consulting and physiotherapy.


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