A good deed in the world

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Environment and Green Development has organized tours of movement of one million trees to grow Minister of Tourism. In recent years, enough simply due to natural disasters, human intentional and unintentional actions by the day fishing. In this context, nature has declared environmental protection, forestry, 1 million trees growing within the purpose of increasing green facilities nationwide movement.

It is to leave Traffic content not aim to grow further preserve the tree is planted. This movement to organize implementation of the Working Group on the direction deputy provincial governor, including D.Enkhbat DET and organizations such as the Mayor's Office, Department TsNBOÖÜG and inter-forest and youth associations.

1 million trees growing movement and is set forth the works to be done to increase the green areas of the city. Within this movement class also soums among the competition was announced. Leading class has a discount of 8 million MNT, bullet 4 million. But this movement was officially involved in offering its own power plant trees, citizens, enterprises, organizations can centralize account.

Central funds are spent planting trees Care protected. In spring and autumn 2014, a total of 26233 trees planted in our province. This work of about 440 enterprises and more than 1,300 individuals khamragdjee.Manai approximately 18% of the provincial land area is forest covers