Gap Year 7 - a short mockumentary

by Niall Conroy in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

Gap Year 7 - a short mockumentary
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The aim of the project is to make a 5-10minute satirical mockumentary about the issues with schools putting stress on young people

by Niall Conroy in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

Gap Year 7 is a short mockumentary following Alex, 11, on her year travelling the

world alone as she discovers what they want to do with her future.

Why are you making this film?

This will be the third short film that director Niall Conroy has produced with this team and hopes to be as successful, if not more, on the festival circuit.

In 2015, I decided to defer my application to university because I was unsure it’s what I wanted to do. I also had other reasons at the time and looking back on my experience I realised that taking a year out from education was incredibly beneficial for me mentally.

Retrospectively, I believe that schools put too much pressure on young children to achieve grades when there are more valuable skills they should be learning to help maturity and find a career they enjoy.

The idea of an 11 year old stressing over SATs tests and selecting schools mirrors how I felt about the transition to university and a gap year really helped me.

My sister, Ella (11) has just finished primary school much like the lead character, and she seems to have had a more stressful 2018 than I have! I don’t ever remember being stressed in year 6 and 7 but she experienced lots of pressure in applying for secondary schools and passing her SATs exams. I don’t remember finding that part of my childhood stressful. 10 years on, children aged 10-18 have much more pressure on them from schools to do well in exams, I believe this is unhealthy for the mental health of children.

By aged 14, schools expect you to choose subject which will directly influence your future and I think this is too much pressure for young children and could be responsible for the rise in mental health disorders in teens.

How Can I Help?

The film is entirely funded by two sources, an online fundraiser and the Producer. Money spent on the film will majorly go towards travel and food expenses for the cast and crew. Nobody working on the project is paid to do so, therefore any support is welcomed gratefully.

If you donate, there are multiple perks such as having early access to the film, starring in the film and of course being thanked in the films credits for your contribution.

If I want to see what other work you have done, where can I find it?

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How can I contact you for further information?

You can email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can


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Feature in the film as one of the main interviewee characters! The film will feature lots of characters being interviewed and this is the opportunity to show off your improvisational (or scripted) skills as well as receiving all other perks. DEADLINE for this perk is 15th November

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