Gappie (Gap Year Social Media App)

Gappie (Gap Year Social Media App)

I am raising funds to launch my Gap Year social networking app and share it with a global market of travellers, connecting our world.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Gappie is an app that travellers of all ages (particularly gap year students) will be able to utilise to make the most of their gap years.

The main use will allow travellers to meet new people  who are also on gap years/travelling, as well as people who share common interests, this is done by optionally posting GPS of where the traveller is from their phone which will thus show travellers in your area and local activities. From this people can experience travelling with a broad range of people, better connecting our world. Moreover, through the 'going out feature' (like tinders group date) travellers can like other groups activities by location and see what other travellers are doing/where. This will allow new friendships to be created and people can visit clubs, bars and do other recreational activities with new friends who are sharing similar travelling experiences.

More features of the app will include a range of sugested locations or popular locations based on where the user has been or by preferences (e.g. if the user likes beaches then beach locations will be displayed) this would be done by the use of GPS worldwide. As well as that, gap year tips will be available such as, how live affordably, accomodation helpers and a money management section where funds can be controlled/allocated (with an option to lock the use of funds to enable saving to occur).

Furthermore, another feature of the app will include an instagram style photo/video uploading service where users can post pictures/videos of their activities/locations etc. Additionally, the app will have a messaging service which allows the users to converse with each other, make plans, share experiences or generally just chat to other users, group chats will also allow the organisation of activities/mass gathering of travellers. Also, suggested friends with similar interests (locations, activities) will pop up which will maximise the possibility of making strong new travelling friends.

Another feature of the app is that it will display job opportunities around the world for travellers to make money or fund their gap years with businesses offering work placements or courses.

Blogs, activity and location suggestions and photos of the week will all be incorporated.

The overall aim of the project is to create and app that can connect and advise travellers thus allowing new friends to be made, thus maximising gap years wonderful potentials. 

"Gappie creating memories through the connection of travellers and the suggestion of activities and locations."