GandaNga-weeping clay pot

GandaNga-weeping clay pot

A celebration of brave women wanderers: We are seeking funding for an exhibition, tackling issues faced by women in the diaspora.

We did it!

On 4th Apr 2014 we successfully raised £550 of £500 target with 16 supporters in 35 days

A Visual Art Exhibition entitled "gandaNga: weeping clay pot"

9-13th April 2014 , 12 -8pm

Shonibare Studios , Sunbury House

1 Andrews RoadLondonE8 4QL

Opening/Closing Reception 12th April 2014 with perfomances in mbira (thumb piano) music, ngano (storytelling)

gandanga (guerilla) / ganda/Nga (skin)

*our bodies are living archives of history and experience*

1. Daughters of the Revolution- (film-documentary/ Web series)

'Her'stories- an interactive discussion with a multiple voices withinqueer minority communities. The discourse films queer women/ womyn(Filipino, Australian Indian, British, Caribbean, Zimbabwean)conversing about issues stimulating to the mind and are of importantto them and to society. issues such as identity, body modification byink (dots), coming out, spiritually, religion, relationships, culture,sexuality, racism, feminism, Art, food, activism, art, homophobia,trans phobia etcetera.

2. Sango reRusununguko - Fields of Freedom (2 parts)

I). Round table discourse engaging the public and few selectedwomen. The discourse interrogates cultural and religious beliefs as a womanin the Diaspora. To be black and a co-habiting national, an analysisof the continuous transformation of culture, religion, beliefs,experiences and identity in the diaspora.


Photography -Nancy Mteki

Paintings -Vakoma Art creative - Sylvia

Paintings- Ruva

Paintings - (artist to be confirmed)

Artists have explored areas of freedom of expression, freedom ofchoice, oppression & loss. Each artist chooses to interact with theseideas below the surface and each interrogates the effect of searching for answersthat lie in the realm of the power of freedom.

3. Mamoyo (totem), the history in my bones (Photography)

Auto-biographical and self shot photographs highlighting the impact ofdetention-related trauma. A Zimbabwean lesbian refugee out of furyrepresented herself in court and demanded ownership of her passport.As a result of her traumatic experiences (detention), particularlywitnessing the inhumane treatment of others, she suffered nightmaresand other physical and psychological symptoms. She documented thesethrough photography.

4. Unhu- I am because you are (Installation)

Installation of an MSc in Forensic Psychology report titled, "He wastreated like a criminal". Evaluating the impact of detention relatedtrauma in LGBTI refugees exploring personal constructs developed byLesbian Gay Bisexual Trans gender and Intersex (LGBTI) asylum seekersin resilience to the distress of detention and criminalisation bymedia and immigration policy. There is limited research on issues thatin particular, affect LGBTI asylum seekers. Thus, research in thisarea has important implications for policies and attitudes regardingimmigration procedures and mental health.

(The installation also includes interviews and Polaroid images)

Collective consciousness:

Skye Chirape

Priscilla Gurupira

Taz Lefou Divine Blu

Camille Darling

Spirit Nair

Krystel Laegen

Frederique Rapier

Sylvia Munodawafa -Vakoma Art

Nancy Mteki

Jesus Rodriguez Piay-Veiga

Hayley Reid

And Many many many more.....

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