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GamrTradr is a new way to buy, sell and trade video games. We want to give the power back to the gamers and connect them with others.

by Aaron Morris in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

We came up with the Idea for after taking a mint, still in cellophane, copy of a classic game to sell to a popular game store and got offered a fraction of what it is worth. Yes we could sell it on eBay but that takes a lot of time to make a listing and its not marketing the game straight to Gamers. 

With GamrTradr we gave the power back to gamers, listings can be created in seconds as images are pulled from a game database, it also allows you to not only sell the game but swap it for another users game. What does GamrTradr get? 8% of the final sale fee. That's a lot less that Ebay. SO the gamer gets what the game is worth. 

We are up and running, so why do we need funding? mainly for advertising. To get up and running we need users and we do have a good user base, but we want people to be able to sell more games, create more jobs and keep it going. 

The used game economy doesn't help those that own the games, it helps the companies buying them and selling them. GamrTradr does not do this, it throws your listing in the face of other gamers who are looking to play something new or a game they enjoyed back in the day. 

We would just like a little support to grow and change the way this business works for the better!


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