by bird fox in Stewarton, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th October 2020 we successfully raised £105 with 5 supporters in 35 days

projects like these are essential.

i am joining in with the 'gaming against the hostile environment' mission to support the causes listed below.

I will be playing a solo 'speed run' of divinity original sin 2 and streaming it via discord on sunday 25th october from 1PM to 1AM (approx.)
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You can donate now!!!

DOS2 is a story rich game so should be fun to watch and feel free to hassle me/give me suggestions as to how i should proceed!

After my experiences in the calais jungle i understand first hand how important organisations like the ones we are funding for are if we are ALL to move forward and push for the best outcome in this ongoing crisis.

Governments consistently fail both displaced and settled people, furthering divides, tension, trauma and antagonism, and this is why i passionately believe it is worth supporting those that are doing, in my opinion, work that should be an integral part of our every day social and economic infrastructure.
Sadly it is not and so it is left to Us to support these organisations ourselves if we hope to see a better future both for already existing uk/european communities and for those displaced people who seek a place to call HOME.

please join me on an epic adventure and support the cause!

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