Gamifying environmental education in schools

by Ecoed Life in London, England, United Kingdom

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Reach far and wide to schools throughout the UK with an environmental education programme that is fun, interactive, engaging and practical

by Ecoed Life in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

When running the pilot programmes in the UK, we were astounded by the ingenuity and creativity of the students. One group of students in particular left us in awe when during one of our visits throughout the Ecoed challenge, they decided to show us a prototype of a solar food waste processor they had made themselves! Seeing such display of brilliance inspired us to decide that, with the extra funding we would like to create a digital platform to organise and run a national Ecoed Innovator contest for schools across the UK, so that students can use all the learnings from the Ecoed programme and create concrete, practical solutions to specific sustainability/environmental issues that affect their lives, and connect them with the organisations and businesses that can help them make those projects and ideas come true. 

Empowering people to take positive action in relation to Climate Change

Every day people are bombarded with information and images about a frightening future. Our climate is changing; storms and hurricanes are becoming worse and more frequent with more devastating effects, animal species are becoming extinct and sea creatures are entangled in plastic waste. The climate crisis can make anyone despair.

We at Ecoed Life aim at creating a different narrative and a different channel to connect with the biggest challenges of our times in a way that is inspiring, engaging and that drives action. As we say, our mission is 'to make sustainable living accessible to everyone' by enabling people of all ages to access the right knowledge and practical information to transform our daily habits. 

For this purpose, we have developed a unique gaming app - the Ecoed app - which allows people to engage with these big, global issues in an accessible, fun and interactive way. 

Play your way to a lighter environmental footprint - Have fun as you learn!

Through the process of play, people learn more about their environmental footprint and what they can do to reduce it by changing daily habits and taking individual action, moving towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, step by step.

There is no other quiz game app that covers the range of topics (waste, water, energy and wellbeing) as well as inspiring people to take personal action. The Ecoed game app is unique and innovative in that it collects the data from players, enabling groups and communities to find out about their environmental footprint and assesses their willingness to make a difference. This helps to identify what to learn more about and which areas to improve.

Approximately 50% of the population in the UK play online games. The average gaming time is nearly six hours per week and young people spend even more than this on average, close to seven hours every week. Available to download on smartphone or tablet, the Ecoed game app uses gaming and app technology to engage, interact and educate about human environmental footprint and actions to reduce it. All questions and proposed actions in the app show the players ways of living more sustainably and raises the awareness of the players by sharing amazing and sometimes shocking facts of human impact on the planet.

The Ecoed Challenge Programme for Schools

Ok, so we've seen the app and what it's about. But how do we use it in schools? 

The Ecoed Challenge is an online game contest that will test young participant's awareness, knowledge and action in relation to our environmental footprint and will help students - the leaders of tomorrow - to be creative, innovative and find day-to-day ways to make a difference. 

Anonymised data is collected and shared with the school teachers and students providing a platform of discussion and engagement of what they can do to improve the sustainability and green credentials of their school through positive behaviour change, empowering the students to make a difference in their community and most importantly bring their learnings and actions with them home to influence their parents. Teachers are also provided with a teacher’s guide with additional support and ideas for projects and actions to fit with the school curriculum.

What we have done so far with schools

We have run near 10 Ecoed challenge programmes in schools and it has proven to be a massive success and an opportunity to engage with students of various age groups (from 8 to 15 years old) in learning about personal and collective ecological footprint as well as take action. 

So far, the app has reached around 1100 users who have completed around 2300 actions to reduce their environmental footprint and change their behaviours to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Many of the students and teachers that participated have honoured us with their feedback:

“The children really enjoyed taking part in the Ecoed challenge - they got to learn about the environment and the issues of waste and recycling through a series of fun and engaging activities on the iPads.  They loved playing against each other and the workshop ignited their competitive spirits to become Ecoed champions!  The prize was a great incentive too.  Highly recommended.”
Justine Callaghan - Year 6 Team Leader

"It was great. I loved working in mix year groups. We were all able to help each other answer the questions and there was a lot of things we learnt". Year 6 pupil 

"The children were very enthusiastic about the learning. The were really engaged with the Ecoed app and I loved how this was attractive and easy for them to use". Year 3 teacher.

"It was great to do all of our learning through an app using the iPad. It was so much fun" Year 4 pupil.

"There were a lot of very interesting facts the children were learning and couldn't wait to share with me as I was walking around the room" Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

What we want to do next - why we are crowdfunding

We want to reach far and wide throughout the UK to schools and students of diverse backgrounds, and especially to be able to offer this programme to those schools that might not have the technology or resources to run this or other environmental programmes. 

We also want to create the first national database of knowledge and likelihood of action in relation to sustainable daily habits and behaviour change, through the analysis of the data captured from the students' participation in the challenges. We envision this database to inspire and inform teachers and schools throughout the country, to expand the environmental curriculum at schools based on the actual content and learning needs of students. 

Hence our goal is to raise funds to continue running this programme, to obtain refurbished tech devices that would allow for schools with less resources to access the programme, and to develop the platform and infrastructure to create the first online national (and international) database of knowledge and likelihood of action on sustainable daily habits. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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We will introduce your name as an Ecoed Champion in our app's hall of fame to honour your contribution and provide you with a free years access to the Ecoed App Game!!

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You will receive 4 exclusive keychain holders made out of recycled wood, with Ecoed's characters: Turby (Energy), Reci (Waste), Wavi (Water) and Halt (Health & Wellbeing) to keep or give away as a reminder to think about our daily habits!

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Ecoed sponsor

You will be featured as the main sponsor for one of the school programmes in all materials and invited to join the programme to have a live experience of what we do, interact with the students and share your own ideas and learnings.

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Ecoed deluxe 2x1

Not only you will be featured as the main sponsor of one of our Ecoed programmes within the schools of our network, but we will also offer to run the Ecoed Programme at a school of your choice within the Greater London, Home Counties and Oxfordshire, Bucks, Beds and Essex regions.

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