Game of Defence (Tower Defence/FPS)

Game of Defence (Tower Defence/FPS)

Game of Defence (G.o.D) is a fantasy Tower Defence First Person Shooter (TDFPS) for everyone!

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 Accessible games for everyone!

As a university student studying video games technology, I found that I wanted to create games that almost anyone could play, no matter their ability! My dissertation was based on this idea and with that, I gave myself the task of creating a game that offered as much aid to as many players without lessening their experience. This wasn't easy but it was fun, and helping many different people play a game at the same level as everyone else spurred me on. As such, this lead to Game of Defence!

About the Project and the Game

I have been working on this for a while now in my spare time and now is the time I want to really get things going. The game will be available on PC, Mac and Linux based systems.

G.o.D offers two games types rolled in to one - Tower Defence (TD) and First Person Shooter (FPS). The game can be completed in multiple ways! Struggling with just towers? Jump in to FPS mode to help you complete the level! Not great at FPS games? Keep in the skies and use TD mode!

I also have the belief that once you pay for a game that is it. You should be able to get all the content available.


For me, customisation is in any game is important. This ranges from visuals to key binding (the ability to set the buttons to what is good for you). Go.D has options to change keys for both TD and FPS individually as well as the other standard options (volume, graphics quality, mouse speed) some of which are not even found in bigger games these days, which is both surprising and disapointing for people than cannot use or just don't like the 'default' layouts and values.

G.o.D has an in game shop that you use gold collected from playing levels to buy and upgrade your FPS weapons and stats. This gold can be earned from replaying levels if you are stuck.


G.o.D has various towers available to get you through! Each tower is upgradable during the current level and with that, you give them boosted stats or extra abilities! Here is a shortlist of towers that are available at the moment:

Arrow, Ice, Acid, Electric and Fire.

Each of these has a different way of effecting the enemy to help you to victory! More towers will hopefully be added such as; Mortar/Bomb, Stun/Knockback and Guns (Gatlin, Rocket and Machine). This depends on how fuding goes!

Oh, the Enemies!

Enemies come in all shapes and sizes! Let us meet some of the critters we shall be facing on our journey...



I so want to be able to create games that everyone can enjoy and with your help I can do my best to achieve this! The money raised will help me make this game even better with more features, enemies, turrets and scenery! Stretch goals will be announced if we get over funded!

About Me

I like to go under the name of Moosecake Games. This is something I have used as an in game name for some time and seemed fitting if I were to start a company.

Follow me on Moosecake Games TwitterMoosecake Games Facebook and at my personal Twitter, g0tNoodles


Thanks for the support, it is very much appreciated!