gambling addiction action UK

by Jordan Alexander in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

gambling addiction action UK
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The fundraiser aims to obtain funds to allow us to help the most at risk group before they become addicted to gambling.

by Jordan Alexander in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Hello there! My name is Jordan, and i have created this fundraiser in the hope that together with my team, We can help those at high risk of becoming addicted to gambling before it becomes a problem. 

During the Coronavirus crisis, thousands of people in the UK have lost their savings, Universal credit payments, homes and lives as a result of gambling addiction. Financial pressure is one of the biggest triggers resulting in problem gamblers relapsing. Having lost my job managing pubs, restaurants and hotels it gave me time to focus on a passion close to my heart. 

I was, the worst kind of gambling addict. So addicted to online, and casino gambling in fact that i obtained a whole host of unwanted accolades attached too me for life. from 2010 - 2018, my best estimates by collecting data from casinos and gambling companies are, that i have wagered over £750,000. Too this day, i am still paying back over £50,000 of debt, but i am very lucky to be in this position. In 2016, I was prosecuted of Fraud by false representation amongst other things to fund my gambling addiction. I would like to say these sort of things are uncommon, but as the people i aim to help will find out, that is not the case. a VERY high proportion of gambling addicts have committed theft or fraud against loved ones to fund their addiction. It is part and parcel of a vicious circle that many cannot escape. Debt and money problems cause desperation, you try and gamble to get out of the situation thus pushing you in further. It was also in 2016 I was given the unfortunate news that a friend i had known since 2012 and spent years playing poker with had been murdered, by a gambling addict. This case was widely reported by the BBC and dubbed the 'Body in suitcase murder'.

During the time Yiang Lui was missing, Ming had been gambling at the casino, playing poker with me and others, using Yiang Lui's money.

It was upon recently reviewing the judges speech in summing up, and a quiet evening of reflection,  i felt compelled to try and make a change, no matter how small. 

The most at risk group of gambling addiction is young men, that isn't to say men and woman of any age cannot be affected, however the studies have shown dramatic evidence to suggest those going to university are at the greatest risk with large sums of money in student finance and often a false sense of invincibility in their new found freedom. 

Enough about the background, and lets focus on the important stuff, what do we plan to do about it? 

We aim to use preventative measures, prevention is better than the cure in this case, especially when the cure eventually, means being a victim of crime to some, and prison for others. 

By working with schools, universities and other groups we aim to work with students about to embark on the journey of their lives, something that will shape their life forever. The money raised will allow us to talk to groups of year 11, 12 and 13 young adults in schools, providing them with content and help showing the risks of problem gambling and how to see the signs it is becoming a problem. We also aim to make a real effort in universities in the highest risk zones. We have created a system categorising the risk based on access casinos and real world gambling. It is of course true that every student, as well as most people in general have access to internet gambling.    

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A letter of thanks, from an EX problem gambler, or member of their family personally that we have currently helped.

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