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Social farms and gardens

Crowdfunder is enabling galleries and artist spaces to raise funds for their venues, from their community and beyond. It's really quick and easy to set up a fundraiser.

Raise the funds you need - Crowdfunder can help you receive cash whilst driving awareness and engagement.

You can show your appreciation with rewards like VIP events, works of art, lifetime discounts/entry, or simply ask for people's support to receive money from those who love your vibe.

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Why crowdfund for your art space?

  • Secure additional funds for specific projects or exhibitions
  • Engaging your Community: Rewards crowdfunding enables you to engage with your community and involve them directly
  • Showcase artists and artworks, attracting attention from a wider audience and potentially generating media coverage or social media buzz
  • Pre-sell artworks or exhibition catalogues before they are officially released
Farms and Gardens

Success story:
Side Gallery

For over 45 years, Side has been a dedicated home to documentary film and photography being an agent for change through the commission, exhibition, and preservation of world-class visual stories that highlight social concerns and celebrate diverse lives & landscapes.
Facing closure in Spring 2023, Side raised over £65,000 to help them keep their doors open

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    Create your page in minutes - tell your story, explain your plans and set your fundraising target.

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    We’re here with a dedicated Knowledge Hub to help you get the absolute best out of your crowdfunder.

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    Spread the word

    Tell everyone you know about your project - friends, colleagues and others in your community can all help.

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    Get funded

    Your supporters can donate or pledge money in return for tempting rewards once your project succeeds.

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