Gala Night

A stunning and beautiful short film about love at first sight and a lost opportunity. Get involved!

We did it!

On 15th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,625 with 19 supporters in 35 days

We are making an award-chasing short film in Manchester. The Gala Night team features the cream of the city's film makers  determined to make something big. We need your help to make this vision a reality.  Our ultimate aim is to make films that give Manchester a place in cinema history.  You can even be in it!

The Norther Quarter of Manchester is often used as a substitute for New York. Now it's time NQ stopped doubling as NY!

"Gala Night;  Sam and Jenny are part of a crowd  watching a  busker outside the concert hall. Jan the busker plays as if he were weaving a spell.   The girls move closer and Sam becomes transfixed, the music transports her and she dreams that she is flying  high above the city with Jan.  A black limousine approaches…"

What if you saw the love of your life, had the chance of a life time and watched it slip away?  between the thought and the deed falls the shadow. 

Don't let it get away!

James and Paul

Our Director James Statham began his career as a ‘one-stop-shop’, creating behind the scenes content for high-end commercials and feature films. Now he produces and directs the type of content he used to support.

James respects his team from the heads of departments, to the runners and  that respect is recognised and rewarded with the very best work, but James wants more!

"I chose this career because I want to excite, shock, connect and move people in a way that only film can. I want to make films that absorb you and make you forget you're watching a movie!"

see James show reel here

Our DP Paul Mortlock shoots all over the world, for major broadcasters, agencies and production companies. His portfolio is here;  (It speaks for itself)

Our Writer Karl Walsh  was originaly signed to Factory Records by Tony Wilson, (he  writes, produces and performs original music.) Find out more here  His first published novel 'The Rat King' is the source material for Gala Night.

On completion Gala Night will be distributed to major film festivals in persuit of those awards.  It will then be presented for distribution around the world.  A  full length screen play of  The Rat King  awaits!

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