Gakhar Apparel Company

Gakhar Apparel Company

Come and join the GAKHAR tribe and help launch a brand new apparel company.

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Welcome to the Gakhar Project…

Gakhar is a new fashion brand which aims to sell high quality clothing items which are sleek and stylish whatever the occasion, but at a reasonable and affordable price. We will create clothes which aren’t just based on the latest trends and go out of style before the following season; they will be classy and timeless. We at Gakhar believe that if an item is stylish, it will always look good and be wearable, whereas with trends the clothes aren’t always stylish and have limited wearability.  

What is GAKHAR and why the TIGER?

The name Gakhar comes from an old tribe which ruled over parts of the ancient world (Ancient Persia) and the current South Asia. The Gakhar tribe members were natural leaders or warriors, and therefore were well respected, independant, fierce and loyal. The leaders always dressed in style and spared no expense when it came to showcasing their luxurious and high class lifestyle. Despite their appreciation for the finer things in life, the Gakhar tribe members were also active in giving back and looking after those who lived on the land they ruled over. 

The tiger is the brand mascot for Gakhar as its qualities are synonymous to the Gakhar tribe and their leaders. Tigers, like Gakhar members, are fierce and independent, and are rulers of their territory. The stripes of each tiger are unique like the human fingerprint, and therefore each tiger has its own distinct style. Tigers also have distinctive markings on their foreheads, which resembles the Chinese symbol for king, which gives them a cultural status as a regal animal.  

The brand itself is about living well with clothing which are stylish and sleek. Our brand is created to help you feel fierce and empowered, and build yourself to thrive in any environment.

We at Gakhar welcome you into our Tribe.

Does Gakhar support any causes?

Gakhar plans to use British manufacturers where possible to support the local trade and to reduce the carbon footprint. As well as this the company will aim to source material from as close as possible to the manufacturers we use as an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint.

Gakhar also aims to introduce local internships to re-invest into the future of the country. This will also allow us to help people gain valuable experience in the fashion industry and enable them to develop their careers in the field. 

As the tiger is the mascot for Gakhar and strongly represents what the company stands for, there will be campaigns carried out by the company to bring about awareness regarding the dwindling number of the tigers in the world. These campaigns will include clothing collections taking influence from the tiger, where profits will go towards conservation projects; there will also be marketing strategies to further increase awareness. Gakhar believes such campaigning will assist with a major problem in world and raise awareness, whilst illustrating the authenticity of the brand which many other companies lack.

How does Gakhar Plan To Use The Pledges?

With funding from private sources and your pledges Gakhar will be able to launch itself onto the market. A large portion of the pledgeswill be spent on stock, allowing us to supply all of you supportive people with clothing without any disappointments. Some of the funds will also be used for marketing to increase awareness and on equipment  which will help us in the smooth day to day running of Gakhar. The remainder of the funds will be spent on taking the brand forward.

With your pledges Gakhar will be able to launch with a collection allowing for a wider appeal and a stronger impact, as oppose to releasing a single t-shirt of limited quantities which will slow our growth considerably.

Our vision is to start with a collection of clothes which are versatile. The colours will be rich and the cuts will be sleek and fitted giving a clean appearance. Despite the items being fitted we aim to include the larger sizes and will work actively to ensure that the clothing items are adaptable and will look good regardless of size.

How does Gakhar aim to expand and engage with the public?

Gakhar will be expanding its collection as soon as possible, with the ambition of having a fashion show as soon a possible. We will also expand into the female market to widen our market,

We will also be expanding across different social media sites where you can expect us to show you the best places to eat, holiday and just have fun, as well as health and beauty tips. This expansion also includes blogging and vlogging via our blog page and youtube. It will allow us to interact with the general population much more easily and take on more feedback.

Gakhar also plans to liaise with other brands for collaborations to increase our exposure and work with bloggers and known individuals to help spread our name.

How long do I have to pledge and will I benefit?

We are allowing the funds to be raised over 2 months to allow us to get the message out there and for you to help spread the word.

We hope you are able to pledge for us and you will see there are rewards available for each pledge. The worth of the rewards all exceed the pledge amount so that you WILL be getting more in return for your generosity. Also should you pledge a generous amount and benefit from getting free clothing, you will recieve your clothing a week before their release; allowing you to show off to all your friends. 

What can I do if I can't pledge?

If you are unable to pledge you can still help us massively by spreading our word. You can tweet or instagram our crowdfunder page or follow and tag us into your social media posts. As well as this you can tell everyone you know and lead them to us to make a pledge or expand the awareness of the brand. 

So what are you waiting for? Pledge and join our tribe

Please feel free to contact us via email at:

Follow Gakhar on Instagram: @GakharApparel

Also connect with the brand creator on Instagram and Twitter: @ArunHKhan

Thank you for taking your time to read the Gakhar story and I hope with your help we will launch into the fashion market.