Gaining independence despite mental illness

by Anonymous Person in Crewe, England, United Kingdom

Gaining independence despite mental illness
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I am crowdfunding to help me live a comfortable life despite having mental illness

by Anonymous Person in Crewe, England, United Kingdom

I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and OCD and I've been struggling for more than 8 years. The money would assist me in moving out of my parents house and gaining independence. I don't think I can do it on my own. Over the course of those 8 years, a combination of things have happened and I have lost most of my brain function. I was bullied, I had tremendous amounts of guilt, I lost my job 3 times, I had false memories and I didn't know what was real anymore. I've done therapy, but nevertheless OCD continues to impact on my life. I struggle to do my job, to remember things or to socialise. I feel stupid and dysfunctional, and I'm stuck. It will take me at least 3 more years before I can save enough money to move out, but it's a real struggle. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you do donate, thank you so so much.

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