Company Connect - wellbeing in the workplace

by Hannah Calvert in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Company Connect - wellbeing in the workplace


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Wellbeing in the workplace campaigns to support leadership with valuable insight and improve overall performance, health and satisfaction.

by Hannah Calvert in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Company Connect

Company Connect offers a range of wellness packages and digital interactions to support senior leadership and treatments that will instantly lift your team's mood. Inspired by holistic therapy, mental health awareness, and personal experiences; Company Connect aims to support wellbeing in the workplace and improve overall performance. 

"It’s more than a staff perk, it's strategic care."

Depression and anxiety rates are higher than ever, and two-thirds of employees are reported to experience ‘burn out’, exhausted from their daily schedules. Educating and engaging employees on health and wellness has become an important part of running any business.

My Why

Company Connect has seen a growing need for businesses to have a reliable supplier that can ensure their employees are healthy and well. We know that your focus should be on business strategies, development, and sales performance. However, having a team that feels stressed and distracted can have a consequence on the business. 

We want to encourage your employees to take interest, responsibility, and control of their personal wellbeing. We want to offer an alternative program for employees who are at high risk with long term sickness, especially due to stress and anxiety. We want to support leadership teams in making pro-active decisions regarding their team's wellbeing. And we want to provide uplifting, tailored, digital interactions that enable us to identify overall statistics for more impactful staff satisfaction going forward.

1 in 6 people has a common mental health issue in the UK. Less than 50% of people who suffer from low mood or anxiety will talk to their employer about it. You are extremely likely to have someone in your team dealing with a mental health issue, not wanting to talk about it. 

Throughout my career, I have seen deaths, debts, disease, and divorce. But still, employees come to work faking a smile and getting on with their day. Solely raising a child whilst working a high pressured role, I too could completely sympathize with everyone’s personal crisis and busy lifestyle. Conversely, people who feel good about themselves work more productively, have positive interactions with colleagues and make an increased contribution to the workforce.

We forget we are like a mechanical machine that needs the right oil, water, care, and a good run around. My interest grew in alternative medicine for stress and anxiety and I couldn’t ignore the incredible holistic science of aromatherapy. Whilst still working, I retrained in massage, holistic therapies, and created the Control your Calm blend to assist self-care disciplines. I now provide individual holistic treatments for mind, body & spirit as Gaia Goodness.

I want to utilize the knowledge I have of alternative stress and anxiety management to make a positive impact in the workplace. I created a unique concept that can be utilized for original staff perk purposes; engagement, morale, and incentives. However, I want to provide a process that will highlight any employees that may be highrisk and are unlikely to speak up about their mental health. We can build a relationship with your team, provide a wellbeing information portal to create an ongoing service and support, and relieve the emotional strain from the leadership team. 

In collaboration with an experienced Psychologist and other therapists, I have developed Company Connect to be a valuable service and am now in a position to offer wellbeing support, whilst adding business insight from my previous experience. 

Holistic therapy means treating the core. Dealing with mental health issues in the workplace is the core environment to make an impact. I feel inspired and hopeful that companies taking more responsibility for wellbeing by educating their employees, with the support of Company Connect, will encourage each individual to do so too.

Employer insight

Company Connect has two goals; to support the employer and the employee. Pressure and expectations rise for any manager; with a team of 15, it’s inevitable that everyone’s individual needs will not be satisfied. 

Company Connect needs to know that your employees are healthy; allergies, skin conditions and emotions. Our online consultation identifies any high-risk employees and the general health of your team. Through digital interactions, we engage with your employees which also gives the company the chance to implement their own emotional questions. This allows you to gain valuable insight for future investments in the core of your business; your employees.

We work with you to establish the business's needs and create a project plan to ensure a well-executed wellbeing campaign. We include a schedule planner, wellbeing influences and experience feedback. We complete Company Connect with an overall analysis, maintaining confidentiality, and advise recommendations for the ongoing improvement of your staff satisfaction. 

Example: "78% of your employees say they feel valued in their role. 34% of your employees say they have a work-life balance"

 (Overall recommendation: External team bonding activity)

Employee Therapy

Combing therapies we offer a range of packages to help your employees improve their overall wellbeing.


Stress prepares your body for fight or flight with nowhere to go. This affects the physical body and can lead to further illness and a weakened immune system. Massage is an amazing stimulant, especially for the functions of the body that self-generate. It encourages lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and releasing hormones; the good stuff! We offer short, effective massage treatments suitable for the workplace.  

2. Mindfulness

The brain likes repetition but the soul likes to evolve. We encourage you to open your mind to all the aspects of life with a whole life assessment. Self-realization is always the first step to any improvement and we can encourage small positive changes to improve your personal wellbeing. We offer open talking sessions with psychological techniques to improve overall.

3. Control your Calm

We include the essential oil blend of Frankincense, Tangerine, Black Pepper & Lavender, specifically to enhance the feeling of balance and encourage emotion control. Frankincense is a comforting oil; it encourages cell regeneration and stimulates the nervous and limbic systems, reducing stress and negative emotions. Black pepper prevents the addictive processing of negative thoughts and encourages positive pathways. Lavender is famous for it’s relaxing properties and combined with the energetic Tangerine, you are left with an uplifted calm feeling bright and peaceful. 

The Science

To keep it short and sweet: Massage stimulates the nervous system. Mindfulness stimulates the nervous system. Aromatherapy stimulates the nervous system. Your nervous system controls your physical reactions as well as emotional thoughts and hormones. And how you FEEL affects your overall performance!

Treatment Options


Just 15 minutes of a Control your Calm hand massage can transform your teams' mood. Your hands hold so much energy and tension; you clench, touch, wave, type and feel. Massage combined with the essential oil releases a lot of overall physical stress. Completed with the breathwork; your employees leave feeling appreciated, destressed and satisfied. We offer various treatments and flexible time slots of 15, 30, and 45-minutes.


A triple treatment investment to understand and influence the employee. We schedule a series of 30-minute treatments over 3-12 weeks to get to know your employees and encourage self-care outside of the workplace. 

Step 1: ‘Satisfy’ Control your Calm hand massage and breathwork, building a relationship with your employee and introducing the wellbeing intentions. 

Step 2: Control your Calm breathwork encourages the employee to take time to talk and open up. The whole life assessment will give insight and enthusiasm to make positive changes and recognize gratitude. We engage with the employee for self-improvement and overall wellness.

Step 3: Personal progression – now we’ve got to know your employees, what is their personal need? Do they hold tension in their physical body and need a Control your Calm shoulder & neck massage? Or would they like to continue their whole life assessment and talking therapy? This is personalized and tailored to each individual.


A series of wellbeing activities and support tailored to your business’s needs. This ranges from combined treatments of ‘Satisfy & Connect’ to a project plan of treatment incentives and engagement days to lift the mood of the whole workplace.

Company Connect packages include a company therapist, digital interactions, company analysis, recommendations, and ‘bathroom bottles’ of Control your Calm to encourage an uplifting calm throughout the day. You will be surprised how quickly the men’s bathroom bottle goes down! 

Please Support!

Check out the rewards, we would love to work with you! Company Connect is crowdfunding to give this project a big injection of action. We are looking for companies who would like to develop individual case studies and are inspired to support health and wellbeing. 

Do you have a group of high sickness employees, or want a new innovative way to boost morale and engagement? Or do you already have an interest in your teams' wellbeing and want to encourage wellness? We would love to know your thoughts.

We have offered 'case study rewards' for any company donations! We want to be able to develop and offer this service across the Yorkshire region initially and would love the work with your company to create a personal wellbeing campaign. 

As a big thank you to any size donations we have offered 'product rewards.' From Control your Calm self-care boxes to different size oils; we encourage anyone to start their own self-care disciplines. 

Comment or message for more information. Any donations made are for the launch of Company Connect and will be used for electronic equipment, resource development, and materials. 

Thank you for your time reading this Back Her Business project. I am grateful for your support and hope you would like to contribute to the wellbeing of every workplace.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£300 or more

Satisfy (30min) - Case Study

Work with us!! Satisfy - 30-minute massage treatment for 10 employees. Treatments: Hands, Indian Head, Neck & Shoulder. Includes email engagements, company consultation, and results analysis.

£20 or more

£20 Control your Calm oil kit

Create your own self-care rituals or disciplines with Control your Calm oil kit. Large massage oil, small hand oil & travel roller bottle. Email for more product information.

£30 or more

£30 Reward Goodness Gift

Body Goodness Gift box - Large Control your Calm massage oil, Natural bristle body brush, Halimayan & Magnesium bath salts, Exfoliating glove, and Travel size roller bottle oil. Email for more product information.

£270 or more

Satisfy (15min) - Case study

Work with us!! Satisfy - 15-minute hand massage for 15 employees. Includes mindful email engagements, company consultation, and results analysis.

£750 or more

Connect - Case Study

Work with us!! Connect - a triple treatment therapy investment for 10 employees. Includes: Hand massage, Whole life assessment, and personal progression. Tailored mindful campaign, company consultation, pro-active recommendations, in-depth employee analysis.

£900 or more

Inspire - Case Study

Work with us!! Inspire - 3-day campaign tailored to the company's needs. A structured project plan with a combination of treatments and engagements. This can include 'connect' as mitigation for high-risk employees or treatment incentives to motivate a busy department. Company consultation, pro-active recommendations, overall employee analysis.

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