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by Gabriella Ditton in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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On Wednesday 19th August 2020 I was in Cambridge Magistrates court, and fined £512, following a week-long protest in February demanding Tri...

by Gabriella Ditton in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

On Wednesday 19th August 2020 I was in Cambridge Magistrates court, and fined £512, following a week-long protest in February demanding Trinity College (Cambridge University) divest from fossil fuels.

Trinity College is the 3rd biggest landowner in the UK and has invested £16m in oil and gas companies over the last 30 years. The carbon in our atmosphere is higher than the human race has ever experienced: now over 410ppm (part per million). The science is clear, burning fossil fuels is driving the temperature up drastically, far beyond what we can survive. We are currently projected for a global temperature increase of 4°C which will render vast amounts of the planet uninhabitable, crop yields to fail, and result in the eventual extinction of the human race, likely within the next 100 years.

Trinity College have been asked politely, petitioned, emailed and begged to divest from fossil fuels, and they have not. There is no more time to wait. So during the week long protest I, along with others, took spades and shovels to Trinity's prized lawn. The lawn has stayed in pristine condition for the last 400 years, until we dug it over and demanded that they divest from fossil fuels immediately - which they still have not done.



This act made national headline news and as expected, outraged millions. 

The following day myself, and a group of others went to the HQ of Schlumberger, an oil research corporation. We blocked their entrance, sung songs, chanted and spray painted messages of 'ecocide' on the glass front of the building. This did not make nation headlines. There was no outrage.



Today I am asking for help to pay the £512 in court fines I received as a result of my actions. I would love to be able to afford to pay this myself, but I have spent all my own money already (transport to actions, food + other bare essentials). The law has changed so that I cannot take prison time instead of paying the fine, which I would prefer to do as I do not enjoy asking people for financial aid.

If you are somebody that supports the climate movement, but are unable to get yourself arrested, for whatever reason, this is a fantastic way you can support those of us that are happy to accept a 'criminal' record, but need help to carry on with the work to protect human and animal life.

From these events I was charged with 2 counts of criminal damage:

1 for Trinity lawn digging, 1 for spray painting Schlumberger HQ
Receiving court mandated fines totalling £512

This is by no means the end of my court appearances, and with your support I'll be able to continue to fight for our, and our children's future.

Love and Rage,

Gabriella Ditton
Extinction Rebellion xoxo

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