London Taxi European Challenge!

London Taxi European Challenge!

to raise enough money to buy a London taxi, which will be used to drive over 2000 miles through Europe to raise money for DREAMFLIGHT

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am hoping to raise enough money to buy a London Taxi that I can use to drive through Europe to raise money for the charity DREAMFLIGHT. Every year for the last 30 years, dreamflight fly almost 200 disabled and severely ill children on the holiday of a lifetime to Florida without their parents. 

Myself and a friend will start at Gatwick airport in the UK, make our way into France, and the plan at the moment is to head through Switzerland, down to Monaco, along the coast of Spain, and finishing in Gibraltar.

we are hoping through the power of social media, if people share this enough times, we would need as little as a £1 contribution to the cost of buying the taxi, and maybe some fuel too. Insurance and tax will be covered by ourselves. 

Many thanks

Scott and Steve