Give Leo the rescue dog a loving home and family

by Deni Marie in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Give Leo the rescue dog a loving home and family
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To cover the costs of bringing Leo a rescue dog from Cyprus to the UK

by Deni Marie in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Me and my family want to give a dog a loving home so we decided to look at dogs rescue group in cyrpus and there are so many beautiful doggies that need a loving home. We found Leo a 3 year old Labrador who is in the kennels at the dog rescue in Cyprus and I fell in love and I just want to give him a warm happy home. The costs to get him over *flights etc* are quite large and I cannot get this lump sum immediately but I am so desperate to give him a home. He is sad and depressed being in the kennels over there and just looking into his eyes he just needs some love and cuddles. So I though what better way to do a crowd fund for this boy :) and get him to the UK in January. The cost is £175 for adult dogs *adoption fee* and £325 for flights and to send crate back once he arrives. Then An additional £100 To cover courier costs for him to be brought to us :) please help us bring Leo to his new home where we are eagerly waiting to shower him with love 

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