Help Future Music Services Through COVID-19 !!

by Future Music Services in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Future Music Services Through COVID-19 !!
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The aim is to be able to get my business through COVID-19, and be able to continue its operations and objectives.

by Future Music Services in London, England, United Kingdom

Future Music Services is a business that serves mainly for young people across London with aspirations for careers in the music industry. We cater to them by providing musical tuition for different instruments of which many do as an after school activity and also weekend activity. In addition to this too, those who are aspiring artists and producers use our studio facility to record, write and produce music, as well as us also having some young artists under our artist development programme to help them progress in their careers. We invest money into these artists and producers due to a lot of them coming from under-privileged backgrounds, and the opportunities that have been afforded to them have been so beneficial to their progress in music, as well as their lives.

The operations of Future Music Services has proven to be a safe haven for a lot of the young people that use our services from the many social problems in our society today.

Due to the virus, we have had all events suspended, had to put a halt on our tuition and studio services due to government legislation, and as a result, in a position whereby we are struggling to pay rent for the studio, agreed payments to our staff made of young individuals who rely on their part-time payments to contribute to rent and living expenses, as well as having to halt on our expansion plans.

As the founder, I've pretty much invested everything I have into this business, not for financial gain but more for the joy I get from seeing young individuals staying safe, out of trouble, and progressing in their careers and goals, thus allowing them to make positive changes to them and their families lives. I was in the process of expanding the business to reach more young people by:

- Investing in equipment that individuals could loan from us to take to their homes to practice if they are not able to pay for them.

- Investing in our studio facility for our young people to get more out of the time spent there

- An online platform that allows other young people from different parts of the U.K to engage in our activities

- Setting up a charity in Ghana for aspiring musicians who lack opportunity, with the hope of building a music school for them

Due to the virus, I'm now out of work and I'm not in a position to invest into the business as I have been previously able to, and I would be more than grateful for the help of other individuals to help me keep this business going in this time, but more importantly, keep the dreams of these young individuals alive and be able to give them opportunity to be who they want to be.

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